A little small talk

And now you’ve introduced yourself, let’s turn to a little small talk…

Where do you live? – Wayn sakin (to man) Wayn sakna? (to woman)

I live in Ajman – ana sakin/sakna fee Ajman (sakin for man, sakna for woman)

Villa – feela, house – bayt, apartment – shagga

Are you married? – inta mutazawij? to a man -inta mutazawija? To a woman
Yes, I am married – Hay, ana mutazawij(a) (masc/fem)
I’m engaged – ana makhtoob(a)
I’m divorced – ana muttalag(a)
I’m widowed – ana arrmal(a)
I’m single -ana aazab/azba


Note: You don’t usually ask the opposite sex about their marital status in Emirati culture.

Maybe you have worked out from the sentences above that adjectives describing females add -a at the end like mutazawija.

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