About Glimpses of the UAE

For some time I had been planning to create a photo album on my personal Facebook entitled ‘Beyond Dubai.’ The aim was to show people who had been to the UAE and had ‘seen Dubai’ what they had actually missed in the rest of the country and how unlike Dubai much of it is. Those of my friends who hadn’t been to the UAE also usually only see or hear about Dubai, so it was for them too.

Well, I never quite got round to it, but now here I am setting up this blog instead. Unfortunately the name that said it all for me  (Beyond Dubai) was taken, but I hope I can show you lots of Glimpses of UAE life.

So, sorry to be curt, but if you’re here to find out about Dubai, you’re in the wrong place. If you’re here to find out about the rest of the country or just more about the Emirati culture, pull up a seat and let me pour you a finjaan of qahwa. For the novices, that would be a little cup of Arabic coffee.

What are you going to find here? Probably a bit of mix. There will be some informative articles, a better understanding and knowledge of the country and the people. If you have ideas of what you think should be added or written about, please do share it. You are also welcome to send me your photos, snippets, etc. Credit will be given.

But now, come on in….

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