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Caravan Mountain Resort 🪨🌱

Wadi Abadila, between Masafi and Dibba

Caravan Mountain Resort is an excellent destination to turn your trip into an wonderful experience. The views of nature make it a perfect break for families, friends, nature lovers, those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a trip with a difference, and those who want to enjoy the night sky full of stars.

Caravan 1 accommodates 8 people overnight whilst caravan 2 accommodates 6 people. Each has a private bathroom.

The resort includes a large family majlis/lounge with its own bathroom, outdoor kitchen, four different outdoor seating areas, two TVs, BBQ areas, children’s play area, outdoor jacuzzi, football field, volleyball court, free WiFi, display screen, projector and parking area

Inside, the farm is full of fruit and vegetables growing near the mountains and there is complete privacy. Caravan Mountain Resort is sanitised between visits.

Contact: (054) 505 5468 (WhatsApp for booking or enquiries) for enquiries and bookings.

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