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Manama and Masfoot

Walks away from the city and in town UAE

If you're looking for walks away from the city, the number of places to walk and exercise outdoors is increasing all the time. There are many with great views too. This is no...

Manama – Red and White Forts and Museum Park

Manama, Ajman, UAE

Many people are surprised to know that Ajman has two enclaves inland. One of them is Manama which sits on the plains at the foot of the Hajar Mountains. When pearl trad...

50 Places to Visit in the UAE

Watch the video to see 50 places to visit in the UAE in 50 seconds Tap/click links below for more info on 50 places to visit in the UAE - Northern Emirates

Masfout Museum

Masfout Museum stands high up on the rocky hill overlooking the fertile plains, where Masfout Fort was well-positioned to spot any unwanted visitors coming to attack, mostly bandits. Higher still o...


Masfoot is one of those places I go back to again and again. Lying on plains between rugged mountains, it has beautiful views, lots of fresh, clean air and a relaxed pace of life! It has many parks...

Hiking in the UAE 2023

Hiking in the UAE 2023

If you want to go hiking in the UAE, there are many places to go, from well-laid out and marked trails to challenging unmarked ones.

Popular ones with famil...