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Tag: Emirati Arabic

Talking about family

Father – ab Mother – oom Children – awlad, iyaal Son – walad (plural. awlad) Daughter – bint (pl. banaat/banayat) Brother – akh Daughter – ukht Paternal uncle – 3am (3 represents the guttural sound of the letter ayn) Paternal aunt – 3amma Maternal uncle

A little small talk

And now you’ve introduced yourself, let’s turn to a little small talk… Where do you live? – Wayn sakin (to man) Wayn sakna? (to woman) I live in Ajman – ana sakin/sakna fee Ajman (sakin for man, sakna for woman) Villa – feela, house –

Arabic Greetings

Let’s get started with greetings. As salam  alaikum .  (Literally ‘peace be upon you.’) The  response is ‘walaikum salam’ meaning ‘and upon you be peace.’ Ahlan wa sahlan (Welcome) For ‘how are you?’, you can ask ‘kayf  halak for a man or ‘kayf halich” for

Introduction to the Language

The boring bit – feel free to skip 🙂 The Arabic language is quite complex. Whilst there is the formal language known as ‘Fus-ha’, it is only really used for formal purposes, such as, newspapers, documents, books, and the like. In everyday life Arabs speak