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Bithna Fort and hiking trail

Bithna Fort, Nature Trail and Hiking

Bithna Fort Bithna Fort is an 18th century fort which had a very strategic location on one of the main trade routes. The area was much fought over not only by local tribes, but also by Omanis. As you enter the fort itself, you’ll notice

Friday Market stall selling Emirati tea sets

Friday Market, Masafi

At the Friday Market, you can find many different shops and goods sold here, such as plants and trees, fruit and vegetables, carpets, traditional furniture, colourful sets for tea and Arabic coffee, toys. After you’ve done your shopping, look out for little cafeterias for karak

Bidya Hiking Trail

Bidya Hiking Trail (Fujairah Adventures)

Bidya Hiking Trail, created by Fujairah Adventures, is nice, easy and short and you can combine it with something else you’re doing nearby. Without stops, it will take 30-45 minutes moving time but no doubt you will want a few stops to sit and enjoy

Glimpses of the UAE

Come on in and discover the emirates beyond Dubai and Abu Dhabi, revisit those old favourites and discover some of the UAE’s hidden gems.

Tayyibah Heritage Museum

Tayyibah Heritage Museum

Tayyibah Heritage Museum has to have one of the best locations of museums here, set at the edge of a village in the Hajar mountains overlooking farms and itself in lush green grounds. Walking through the grounds, up and down winding paths, passing traditional houses

Al Tawyeen Heritage Village

Al Tawyeen Heritage Village

Al Tawyeen Heritage Village in northwest Fujairah is a nice little stop on the way to or from Dibba if you’re taking Shohada Rd. It has several small buildings of different olden styles and small play areas. Al Tawyeen Heritage Village One of the buildings

Al Hayl Fort and Square

Nestled in the Hajar mountains, al Hayl Fort is often missed by tourists and residents alike. The fortified courtyard house was originally built in the time of Sheikh Hamad bin Abdullah al Sharqi, who ruled Fujairah from 1876 to 1936. Chemical analysis shows it was

The Governor’s Palace

The Governor’s Palace, Masafi

A little known treasure in Masafi is the Governor’s Palace not far from the fort. It lies within the Fujairah territory of Masafi and was home to Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad al Sharqi although it was more of a stopover when travelling to other parts

Rock formations around Taween

Rock formations around Taween

The rock formations around Taween are quite mesmerising. Head towards Dibba on the E87. Take the turn off to Taween on the side of the road coming from Dibba. (If you enter 25.5307729,56.1166536, it will take you roughly to the start of the road.) You

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