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Tag: UAE Museums

Red Classic car at Classic car museum

Classic Car Museum

Sharjah Classic Car Museum is definitely one for you if you love old cars or have children who are learning about transport at school, this is one to add to your list with cars of all sorts from the last century. See and read more

Airplanes at Sharjah Mahatta Museum

Mahatta Museum

Mahatta Museum is great for students learning about transport or the science of flight and is also an excellent resource for learning the recent history of Sharjah. The museum building is in fact the original terminal and was the first airport in the Trucial States

Tayyibah Heritage Museum

Tayyibbah Heritage Museum has to have one of the best locations of museums here, set at the edge of a village in the Hajar mountains overlooking farms and itself in lush green grounds. Walking through the grounds, up and down winding paths, passing traditional houses

Ajman Museum

(Museum currently closed for renovation) Ajman Museum is often overlooked but it is well worth a visit. The fort which is home to the museum was built in the 18th century and was the sheikh’s residence for most of that time and for some time