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What’s your name?

What’s your name? – Shoo ismak? (to a man) Shoo ismich? (To a woman)

When it is said fast, it may sound like ‘shismak?’

My name is Adam. – Ismee Adam.

What’s your family name? – Shoo ism aa’ilatak (to a man) Shoo ism aa’ilatich?

My family name is al Muhairi – Ism aa’ilati al Muhairi.

(The Arab naming system is to have a your first name followed by your father’s name, grandfather’s name and often your great grandfather’s name. You may then also have a family name at the end. )

What’s her name? – Shoo isim-ha?

Her name is Maryam – Isim-ha Maryam.

What’s his name? – Shoo isma?

His name is Mahmoud – Isma Mahmoud.

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