About Me

Who am I?

I came here from the UK in 1999 and lived in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah before settling in my current home in the ‘countryside’ in 2006. I am married to a UAE national man whom I met here and we have a young daughter. I work in the education/training sector and have worked for both government and private organisations here as well as for myself and have worked with, socialised with and taught many Emiratis along with other nationalities.

I live in a rural area near a small inland town about an hour from Dubai. Many people ask me why. It’s simple. I’ve never been a city person. I like being surrounded by trees, seeing the mountains, driving through the desert, not having noisy neighbours. Okay, the donkey can be a bit noisy, but she keeps herself to herself. We breathe fresh air, we don’t sit in traffic jams, we can keep a variety of animals, my daughter can run around and play freely. An added advantage is that although it’s hotter, up to 50C in the summer, it’s dry. We rarely experience the humidity of the coastal towns.

I’ve always loved writing. I enjoy sharing information people, and so my blog was born.

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