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8 hours ago

Glimpses of the UAE
What does Fathers’ Day have to do with Glimpses of the UAE you may ask but we are all products of our upbringing to some degree. It was my dad that introduced me to the outdoors. At weekends we’d go for a walk through a national park or over moors. In the winter we’d go skiing every weekend (in the days when we used to have lots of snow). He taught my brothers and me to ski from a very young age. Our holidays were spent mostly in Scotland and sometimes in Ireland in caravans and cottages. He taught us to canoe and we were given the freedom to go off roaming for hours climbing mountains, making dens, getting stuck in peat bogs, climbing rocks and getting soaked in the spray of the high waves hitting them, exploring rock pools and getting stranded on islands when the tide came in quickly. Parenting was more laid back in those days but we survived! He was an avid birdwatcher and when I sit at Al Zorah, many of the birds I can identify are because he taught me their names. Unfortunately, he also got into trouble at times, being rescued by lifeguards after capsizing in his canoe at sea, being marched back to our hotel in Soviet Moscow for being out of the city with his binoculars near a military area and then having guns pointed at him at the Albanian border whilst birdwatching in Yugoslavia. Thankfully I haven’t followed in those footsteps yet, however, I have been told I take too many risks while out and about! 🙈So Fathers’ Day is relevant to Glimpses of the UAE because he indirectly contributed to it. He passed away in 2018 but his legacy still lives on. Happy Father’s Day, Dad 💕Happy Fathers’ Day to all the dads, stepdads and granddads out there. ... See MoreSee Less
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5 days ago

Glimpses of the UAE
Have you visited the Museum of Islamic Civilisation? With six galleries delving into Islam itself, engineering, architecture, astronomy, medicine, mathematics, textiles and much more, there’s something to interest everyone. If you weren’t aware of the early contributions of Muslims in these fields before, you will be after your visit. The last photos are from the newly opened exhibition with a water theme. To know more, see the post on my website ... See MoreSee Less
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