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Glimpses of the UAE brings you hidden gems, golden oldies, old treasures, new treasures, a few foodie recommendations, quiet beaches, lively waterfronts, great camping spots, hiking trails, interesting museums, inspiring art spots and much more. In short, a guide to exploring and discovering the northern emirates of the UAE.

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2 weeks ago

Glimpses of the UAE
Sharing in case anyone can help the Fujairah animal shelter. Please share with anyone who might be able to help🆘 🚨 WHEN WE THOUGHT WE WERE AT OUR LOWEST POINT, THE FLOODING HAS COME 🚨🆘 Today we woke to absolutely devastating news. Michelle’s house and another site we have have been decimated by the heavy rains. The houses are under 4 ft of water. Michelle alone has 18 dogs in her home and many many cats. She herself was at the new site when the floods hit. Her son Vernon has 6 dogs and 16 cats with him. They are all confined to a small room upstairs 💔💔There is no electricity which means no AC, no ability to charge phones. Authorities are focusing on rescuing humans, Vernon could leave himself but will NEVER leave the animals behind 🆘As of this morning, we have not managed to make contact with Michelle, her husband or the workers in the shelter. We have no idea of the situation that has unfolded in any of our now 3 shelter sites. There are 400 dogs and nearly 100 cats at risk 💔💔💔We thought that rescuring 100’s from the distemper outbreak was going to be our biggest challenge... we now have to do that whilst rebuilding everything we have 😭😭😭WE NEED YOUR HELP MORE THAN EVER 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼We need:1. MANPOWER - as soon as it’s safe, we need every single person that is able to help us evacuate animals out to safety and to help us rebuild 2. INFLATABLES - we have to get the dogs and cats out of the two villas. We can only work with what we know right now so these are our focus. As soon as we have any updates on the shelters we will update. We need inflatable boats, paddle boards etc. ANYTHING that will carry a crate to safety3. SUPPORT - the after effects of this are going to last months. We have no idea of the cost of the damage and how many lives we are going to have to try and save or injured animals we will have to treat. We are praying for all those on the streets that they managed to make it to higher ground, to safety, but we know that is unlikely 😩😩😩🔸 DEBIT/CREDIT VIA VOUCHERS:🔸 PAYPAL:🔸 BANK TRANSFER: will provide updates as and when we can. Please pray for Michelle, her family, everyone affected by these floods and for these many, many, helpless souls 🙏🏼 ... See MoreSee Less
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