19 Best Things to Do in Ajman

Best things to do in Ajman, collage of photos

Looking for the best things to do in Ajman? I’ve got you covered! Having lived in the north for many years and in Ajman for the last five, I’ve enjoyed kayaking, birdwatching, scenic boat rides on the creek and relaxing on the beautiful beaches and will share my first-hand experience.

If you’re looking for something more active, there’s a fabulous 18-hole golf course, walking and cycling tracks and watersports. Or maybe you prefer to explore the local shopping spots, tourist attractions and restaurants.

Ajman is home to lots of great hotels along the coast for a relaxing staycation or a holiday from overseas. These provide a great base to explore the city before going back to enjoy uninterrupted views of the Arabian Gulf.

It may be the smallest emirate, but Ajman attractions have something for everyone, whether you’re looking for adventure, culture or relaxation. Join me as we discover the best things to do in Ajman!

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1. Reflect on art at Ajman Heritage District

Check out the traditional art scenes of Ajman Heritage District. Wander through narrow alleyways adorned with colourful murals, each telling a unique story of Emirati culture and heritage. The artwork depicting traditional Emirati scenes in the historic surroundings offers a modern perspective on Ajman’s rich heritage.

As you explore this unique art district, you’ll also find cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy a cup of traditional tea or a meal in an inspiring setting. Stop off at the shops in Souq Al Hosn to buy some traditional clothing, perfumes and antiques.

Look out for events taking place at Ajman Heritage District, like the Ajman Art Festival, National Day and Eid celebrations when the area truly comes to life.

👛 Price: Free
Best For: Art lovers, photography enthusiasts, cultural explorers
🌟 Tip: Eat traditional food at Liwara Shabiya Restaurant
📍 Location: Al Bustan, Ajman Heritage District
🔗 See more at: Ajman Heritage District

A colourful mural in the Ajman heritage district depicting a woman in traditional attire, sitting and working with her hands on a flat surface. The surrounding area features natural, earthy textures and materials, enhancing the rustic and cultural ambiance.

2. Kayak through the mangroves

Set off on a fun adventure kayaking through the mangroves of Al Zorah. Paddle across the calm waters in a one or two-person kayak, surrounded by the peaceful beauty of the mangroves and its inhabitants.

Keep your eyes open for a wide range of birdlife, including herons, flamingoes, egrets, cormorants and the elusive kingfisher. Look upwards too as you might spot birds of prey soaring above looking for the next catch.

As you paddle, your expert guide will share some fascinating information about the local ecosystem, adding to the overall experience. You may even have the opportunity to contribute to local conservation efforts by planting a mangrove sapling on the shore.

This gentle activity offers a perfect blend of relaxation and exploration. I personally enjoyed this outing with my teen daughter, and I always recommend it to friends and followers. if you’re looking for a quiet escape in nature and some wildlife-spotting thrown in, this one is for you.

👛 Price: Adult AED 175 Child AED 135
Best for: Nature lovers, families, and anyone seeking a peaceful outdoor experience
🌟 Tip: Take your phone for photos and a waterproof cover
📍 Location: Al Zorah
🔗 See more at: On my Instagram post or Quest For Adventure website

A young girl wearing a life vest kayaking through mangroves on an open top kayak at Al Zorah Ajman

3. Dine at Ajman Golf pavilion overlooking the mangroves

Treat yourself to a relaxing dining experience at the Ajman Golf Pavilion, where you can enjoy both stunning views of the mangroves and good food. Choose from a range of dining options, including The Grove, offering both Arabic and international cuisine, Eataliano for authentic Italian dishes, and Litchy Sushi Lounge for Japanese delicacies.

You can sit indoors or on the terrace and enjoy panoramic views of the mangroves and creek. Watch the herons and flamingoes and keep an eye out for other birds like cormorants. I saw my first kingfisher last time! All three options also offer shisha.

This serene setting is my favourite place to meet up with friends in Ajman and or just to sit and work remotely on a winter morning.

👛 Price: $$
Best for: Food lovers seeking a scenic dining spot with a relaxed atmosphere.
🌟 Tip: Go morning until around 12pm to sit in the shade or late afternoon to enjoy the sunset
📍 Location: Al Ittihad Rd E11
🔗 See more at: My Instagram Post

A scenic view from the Al Zorah Golf Pavilion terrace, showing a milkshake topped with whipped cream and a cappuccino on a white table. In the background, a serene landscape with a lush mangrove forest, a waterway with flamingoes, and distant buildings under a bright blue sky.

4. Unwind at the Oberoi Beach Resort

Situated on the beautiful shores of Al Zorah Beach, The Oberoi Resort Al Zorah offers a unique retreat for visitors seeking luxury and seclusion in Ajman. As the only hotel in the area, it provides an exclusive getaway with a sense of privacy.

The 5-star resort offers a choice of rooms, suites, or villas, with views of the pool and sea, or garden. The Oberoi’s amenities include a very inviting pool, a supervised indoor children’s play area, and two restaurants serving delicious dishes.

For those looking for some extra relaxation, the spa offers a variety of rejuvenating treatments in individual or couple’s rooms.

The Oberoi is very popular among residents in other emirates looking for a luxurious staycation as well as tourists seeking a relaxing holiday. The elegant, peaceful resort is the perfect destination for couples, families, and luxury seekers looking to unwind on Ajman’s scenic coast.

👛 Price: $$$
Best for: Couples, families, and luxury lovers seeking privacy and relaxation
🌟 Tip: If you’re going with your family, book a villa
📍 Location: Al Zorah
🔗 See more at: The Oberoi Beach Resort Al Zorah

A picturesque view from a balcony at the Ajman Oberoi, featuring a long, blue swimming pool lined with sun loungers and umbrellas. Beyond the pool, lush greenery and modern villas stretch towards the sparkling sea under a clear blue sky.

❇️ Best hotel in Ajman
Oberoi: 5*| Booking 9.3 Superb
| Agoda 9.2 Exceptional
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5. Visit Ajman Corniche

Stroll along Ajman Corniche, where a long stretch of white sandy beach meets the turquoise waters of the Arabian Gulf. Enjoy stunning views of the coastline, or just sit back, soak up the sun and work on that tan.

To cool off, take a dip in the clear waters of the sea, but be sure to check the lifeguard flags for safety. The sea can get rough at times and there are riptides along this coast, so play it safe by staying close to the shore.

It’s the perfect spot to witness some wonderful sunsets with uninterrupted views, either sitting on the beach or in one of cafes and restaurants with outdoor terraces and indoor seating. You can find a variety of cuisines and The Rooftop shisha bar is very popular

If you’re looking for something more exciting, head to the Coral Beach Hotel or Bahi Ajman for some fun watersports like jetskiing and banana boats. (Open to non-guests.) For a more relaxing sport, anglers can bring their fishing rod along and try their luck at catching something for a barbecue dinner.

Finally, for a bit of history, don’t forget to stop off to look at Al Murabba Watch Tower, the lookout point for approaching enemies for many years and one of Ajman’s most famous landmarks.

👛 Price: Free, cafes and restaurants $-$$, activities $$
Best For: Families and friends looking to unwind
🌟 Tip: Buy a takeaway from the cafeterias along the roadside and eat it on the beach
📍 Location: Near Sharjah border
📱 Contact for watersports: 050-2212186

❇️ Best hotels on Ajman Corniche
🏨 Ajman Saray Luxury Collection: 5*| Booking 8.7 Fabulous
🏨 Wyndham Garden: 4*| Booking 8.8 Fabulous
🏨 Bahi Ajman
: 5*| Booking 8.4 Very Good

🌆Beach Front Apartment: Booking 9.8 Exceptional

Murabba Tower in Ajman, UAE, with a traditional stone structure surrounded by green plants and palm trees. A "I ♥ Ajman" sign is visible in the background, along with a clear blue sky.

6. Play golf at Ajman Al Zorah Golf Club

Al Zorah Golf Club, in a picturesque setting, is perfect for golfers who also enjoy a bit of nature. The award-winning golf course has an 18-hole championship layout designed by the renowned Nicklaus Design, offering a challenging but enjoyable experience for players of all skill levels.

Surrounded by lush mangroves and wildlife, including flamingos and herons, the course offers you a great opportunity to work on your swing and reconnect with nature at the same time. Keep an eye out for the colourful Green Bee-eaters and graceful birds of prey soaring above the mangroves.

Round off an already perfect day with more stunning views of the mangroves and a choice of cuisine at the Golf Pavilion. (See above.)

Whether you’re an advanced golfer or just looking to unwind and try out a new hobby surrounded by beautiful greenery, a visit to Al Zorah Golf Club promises a relaxing day out in a peaceful, natural setting.

👛 Price: Starting at AED 145
Best for: Golfers, someone wanting to try out a new sport
🌟 Tip: Look out for wildlife
📍 Location: Al Zorah
🔗 See more at: Al Zorah Golf Club website

Al Zorah Golf Course in Ajman, UAE, with a green fairway, surrounding mangroves, city buildings, and mosque minarets in the background. A flock of birds are flying in the sky.

7. Go back in time at Ajman Fort and Museum

Learn about Ajman’s history within the walls of Ajman Fort and Museum. Housed in what was once a royal residence and later police headquarters and jail, the rmuseum offers a fascinating journey through Emirati history, from its maritime roots to traditional craftsmanship.

As you wander through this recently revamped museum, learn about traditional medicine, games and clothing, walk through a model souq and explore old kitchens, bedrooms and a wind tower.

Having visited many times over the years, I still enjoy it every time and it’s always a hit with my visitors. One of the most famous places in Ajman, the fort and museum is ideal for anyone who wants to learn more about the UAE’s cultural heritage and history.

👛 Price: AED 5
Best for: History buffs, anyone with an interest in local culture, families
🌟 Tip: Go early morning or late afternoon
📍 Location: Al Bustan, Ajman Heritage District
🔗 See more at: Ajman Fort and Museum

Photo of Ajman Fort and Museum in Ajman, UAE, showcasing traditional Middle Eastern architecture with wind towers and beige stone walls. The foreground features murals of traditional Arabian coffee pots and a leafy tree, all under a partly cloudy sky.

8. Relax at Al Zorah Beach

Enjoy the tranquillity of Al Zorah Beach, where a long stretch of pristine sand meets the turquoise waters of the Arabian Gulf. In the morning, the sea is a beautiful shade of turquoise, later turning to silver in the late afternoon.

One of the favourite beaches in Ajman, Al Zorah is popular among families enjoying picnics, swimming and paddling, fishing and barbecues. Modest dress is appreciated at this beach out of respect for local customs.

A new development of a seaside residential area along another section of the beach will mean lucky owners will soon be able to enjoy these views every day. (Time to start saving?) Beyond that, the popular 5-star Oberoi hotel allows guests to enjoy breathtaking sunsets during a luxurious stay.

Al Zorah Beach is one of the favourite places to visit in Ajman for free. Although there are currently no facilities here apart from a couple of tea/food trucks, Marina 1 (see below) is close by, offering the chance to combine seaside relaxation with fun experiences and dining, creating the perfect day out for families.

👛 Price: Free
Best for: Families or friends looking for a peaceful and free day out
🌟 Tip: The beach is at its most beautiful at low tide and in the morning
📍 Location: End of the peninsula at Al Zorah
🔗 See more at: My Instagram Post

A pristine, empty beach with waves rippling on the shore and a bright blue sky above.

9. Dine Viking Style!

Probably not what you’d expect to find in the Heritage District of Ajman, but the Viking Restaurant offers a unique dining experience with dishes vikings may have eaten in surroundings similar to those vikings would have lived in, complete with matching tableware on the long tables.

It’s not just about the food though. Apart from the medieval fare, you’ll be treated to performances by fire-dancers, sword throwers as well as Celtic music. On the walls hang Viking weapons and the rooms are lit by candles making you feel like you’re back in the viking days!

The Viking Medieval Diner, in Ajman’s cultural district will definitely leave you with memories of a dining experience with a difference!

👛 Price: $$$
Best for: Anyone who loves good food and looking for a fun new experience
🌟 Tip: Advance booking is necessary
📍 Location: Ajman Heritage District
🔗 See more at: Viking Restaurant website

The front of The Viking Medieval Diner in Ajman, featuring a light brown building with wooden accents and a sign displaying the restaurant's name. The exterior includes traditional architectural elements and a small balcony, with a partly cloudy sky in the background.

10. Have fun or relax at Ajman Marina

Visit Marina 1 (also known as Ajman Marina or Al Zorah Marina) and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and a variety of entertainment options. Unwind at its waterfront cafes and restaurants, enjoying the views across the creek. Younger ones can enjoy fun activities like giant inflatables and go-karting.

Hop on the abra from Marina 1 for just AED 5 for a wonderfully relaxing tour across the creek. The short boat ride takes around 10-15 minutes and offers lovely views. It starts at 2pm and while you may need to queue at the weekend, the experience is worth it, especially in the late afternoon.

Towards the top is the Pygmy Zoo, which is more like a petting zoo with animals like goats, camels, parrots and dogs. (This place will not be to everyone’s taste and I’ve chosen not to go.)

👛 Price: $-$$
Best for: Families or friends who want to hang out
🌟 Tip: Don’t miss the 5 dirham boat ride
📍 Location: Al Zorah
🔗 See more at: My Instagram Post

Al Zorah Marina in Ajman, UAE, at sunset, with a waterfront walkway, a brightly lit restaurant, and the city skyline in the distance. The sky is painted with vibrant hues of orange, pink, and blue.

11. Birdwatch at the Nature Reserve

One of my favourite things to do in Ajman is birdwatching and Al Zorah Nature Reserve,is a great spot for bird lovers. Here, you can spot elegant flamingoes and graceful herons wading through the tranquil waters of the creek. As you head deeper into the mangroves, keep an eye out for marsh harriers and, if you’re lucky, the impressive sight of an eagle soaring above.

Al Zorah Mangrove Forest is home to several native species and is also a winter destination or stopping off point for many migratory birds. There are several places where you can birdwatch. On one side of the forest, you can take the walkway from the marina towards the mangroves and on the other go to Al Qurm Walk which starts from Al Safia Park and also behind Spinneys supermarket.

In the winter you can see cormorants, egrets, curlews, sandpipers, plovers, shanks and many other species. Kingfishers live around the forest but they’re hard to find. Another spot I like to watch birds is on the opposite side of the creek at Al Safiya Park. Head from the walking track down to the shore.

At Al Qurm it’s not allowed to go on the shore itself as it is a conservation area and they are growing mangrove saplings. Apart from that, there is a lot of life on the shore with many tiny crustaceans. So be careful not to damage the eco-system in your attempts to get a closer view or shot of birds.

(To learn more about both local and migratory birds, visit Sharjah Wasit Wetlands Centre on the border with Ajman.)

👛 Price: Free
Best for: Nature lovers, photographers
🌟 Tip: Take your binoculars and a bird book with you
📍 Location: Al Zorah and Al Qurm Walk, Musharif,
🔗 See more at: My Instagram Post

A scene of birdwatching at Al Zorah, Ajman, showing a group of great cormorants and herons along the shoreline. The birds are wading in the shallow water and resting on a sandy bank under a clear blue sky.

12. Watch a camel race at Al Tallah Race Track

Experience the thrill of camel racing at the Al Tallah Camel Racing Track, deeply rooted in Emirati culture and history. Races usually take place during the winter months on weekend mornings and often on Thursday mornings too. Attending a race offers a glimpse into the excitement of this traditional sport. A recent change, though, is that small robots are used in races rather than riders.

The races can be quite intense and owners follow their camels around the side of the track in their cars, driving fast, honking horns and shouting out encouragement. Make sure you park and stand out of the way, and stay safe while still enjoying the excitement.

You can also watch the camels’ rigorous training sessions every morning first thing and late afternoon, and mostly with riders rather than robots. This provides better photo opportunities and a more relaxed atmosphere. This is my personal favourite time to visit.

👛 Price: Free
Best for: Visitors looking for an authentic cultural experience and excitement of camel racing
🌟 Tip: Don’t take photos of camel herders without permission or go for an angle that doesn’t show their faces
📍 Location: Al Tallah, next to the E311 MBZ Highway
🔗 See more at: My Instagram Post

A scene at the Al Tallah Camel Race Track in Ajman, showing a group of camels practising. Two riders are leading the camels, while two of the camels have robots on their backs. The camels are adorned with blue and white blankets, set against a backdrop of sandy terrain and a clear blue sky.

13. Walk along Al Zorah Mangrove Forest!

Take a relaxing stroll or a brisk walk along the 4.8km walking track at Al Qurm. This path goes along the the shore of the creek, then loops around along the mangrove forest, with plenty of opportunities to spot birds.

For a longer walk, you can combine it with Al Safia Park 1.6km walking track, which starts at the same point but heads in the opposite direction.

Another great option is the walk along Al Zorah Peninsula, which passes the golf course and mangroves, leading to the Marina. Enjoy the serene views and the natural beauty of Ajman’s waterfront.

👛 Price: Free
Best for: Health conscious individuals, nature lovers and anyone looking for a relaxing outdoor activity.
🌟 Tip: Go early morning or late afternoon
📍 Location: Al Zorah, Al Qurm, Al Safia Park
🔗 See more at: My Instagram Post

A view of the Al Qurm walking track in Ajman, featuring a long, red path flanked by patterned tiles, lined with palm trees and solar lights. To the left, there's a sandy beach and a waterway, with buildings and mangroves in the distance under a clear blue sky.

14. Cycle 18km around Al Zorah Nature Reserve

Go on a scenic bike ride down Al Zorah Peninsula then around the creek and nature reserve. The well-maintained cycle track is a 18km loop and passes mangroves, flamingoes and many other birds, the golf club and beautifully landscaped areas. Stop off on the way (or start and finish) at the Golf Pavilion for refreshments or take a break on the shore of the creek.

if you don’t have a bike, you can rent one by the hour at the Bike Lane on the cycle track behind Flamingo Mall.

👛 Price: Free
Best for: Health conscious or sporty individuals,
🌟 Tip: Stop off to watch the many types of birds
📍 Location: Al Zorah

View of greenery, creek and flamingoes from the cycle track, with mangroves in the background and buildings in the distance

15. Relax at Al Marsa Ajman

Discover the popular waterfront destination of Al Marsa Ajman, situated on the creek, offering scenic city views and a mix of relaxation and leisure activities.

Take a leisurely stroll along the promenade, dine at the wide choice of waterfront cafes and restaurants or on the floating restaurant and watch children play in the colourfully-lit fountains.

Al Marsa is perfect for couples looking for a cosy evening out and anyone looking to unwind on the waterside after a long day. Although it’s very quiet during the day, Al Marsa comes to life in the evening.

👛 Price: Free, Activities $, Cafes and restaurants $-$$
Best for: Couples, families, and anyone looking for a relaxing but lively waterside location and choice of restaurants
🌟 Tip: Go late afternoon after 4pm, look out for events coming up
📍 Location: Al Bustan, near Ajman Hotel
🔗 See more at: My Instagram post

Waterfront with promenade lined with cafes and restaurants

16. Visit the stunning Amina bint Ahmad Alghurair Mosque

The stunning Amina bint Ahmad Alghurair Mosque offers visitors a tranquil space for prayer and reflection. If you’re not able to go in, you can still admire the blend of contemporary and traditional Islamic architecture from outside. Walk around and take in the golden dones, free-standing minaret adorned with Kufic calligraphy and large, decorative windows. Inside, the spacious prayer area is just as beautiful.

The courtyard and fountains at the entrance create a peaceful atmosphere, perfect for contemplation. Whether you’re looking for a quiet place to pray or simply admiring the beauty of Islamic architecture, the Amina bint Ahmad Alghurair Mosque offers a captivating experience.

👛 Price: Free
Best for: Visitors interested in Islamic architecture, visitors wishing to pray
🌟 Tip: Visit or pass by in Ramadan to enjoy the projected art work and listen to renowned reciters
📍 Location: Musharif,, E11
🔗 See more at: Amina bint Ahmad Al Ghurair Mosque

Amina bint Al Ghurair Mosque in Ajman, UAE, featuring a tall minaret with Arabic calligraphy covering it and a gold-domed main building against a bright blue sky with scattered clouds. The mosque has a modern architectural design.

17. Grab a bargain while shopping in Ajman!

Discover fantastic bargains while shopping in Ajman! I’ve been shopping in Ajman for years and saved a small fortune. Here’s a quick rundown of the top places to go for cheap shopping in Ajman.

Ajman Industrial Area is the place to go to buy both discounted branded and locally-made clothing, including ballgowns, wedding dresses, and everyday fashion, all at unbeatable prices. It’s especially good for buying quality children’s clothes at low cost. Personally, I’ve bought lots of children’s clothing here in the Ajman factory outlets as well as dresses for special occasions. (it’s my first stop when looking for the latter.) Head to Beirut Street and work your way down.

Check out the many discount stores across the city, offering everything from household items to clothing, accessories, and luggage. To find a good choice of discount stores in one place, head to Al Jurf Industrial Area. (One of my colleagues swears by Last Chance for electronics!)

Ajman China Mall, also in Al Jurf Industrial Area, has a wide variety of products, including clothing, accessories, electronics, furniture, carpets, lighting, outdoor furniture, toys, and more, all offered at fantastic prices. It’s a one-stop destination for shoppers hungry for great deals! (I’ve bought lots here including my tailored curtains, rugs and lighting.)

At Festival Land, near the exit to Al Zorah, browse through stalls offering clothing, toys and more. Carnival rides can entertain children while you shop and food stalls satisfy your hunger after all that shopping, making it a outing all the family can enjoy.

If you’re looking for athletic gear or sports accessories, you can find high-quality branded products at discounted prices at the outlet stores on Ajman Boulevard.

For a good range of material, tailoring and traditional Emirati clothing, all at good prices, head to Souq Saleh opposite Ajman Heritage District. (That’s where I often make mine 😀) For gold and jewellery, head a little further down the street where you’ll find lots of shops.

Many people come to Ajman just to buy abayas. Two of the easiest places to find lots of abaya shops together are Al Waha Centre in Industrial Area 1 near the vegetable market and Sheikh Ammar Rd.

For a more conventional shopping experience, head to Ajman City Centre, which has a good selection of shops, along with cafes, restaurants and a cinema.

👛 Price: $-$$
Best for: Bargain hunters
🌟 Tip: Don’t forget to haggle in the souqs!
📍 Location: Various

Traditional style souq with individual shops for tailoring. Colourful embroidered dresses are on display

18. Explore the Ajman Mural Project

As you drive around the city, look out for the murals on buildings from the Ajman Mural project in 2017 and other additions since then. The original project included works by the renowned French-tunisian artist Elseed, who also created the sculpture in Ajman Heritage District.

Newer murals include the ones depicting Emirati children playing on the wall outside The Fairmont Hotel and others related to UAE history, identity and values, such as the one on Tolerance, on the wall under the E11.

👛 Price: Free
Best for: Art lovers
🌟 Tip: Keep your eye out for more as you drive around the city
📍 Location: Various
🔗 See more at: The Ajman Murals Project

collage with photo on left showing a building with a mural in shades of blue with Arabic calligraphy and the the photo on the left shows a boy in traditional dress playing with a wheel and his shadows behind him.

19. Discover the Inland Enclaves of Ajman

You may be surprised to learn that the Emirate of Ajman goes beyond the coastal area and has two inland enclaves over an hour away.

Masfoot, near the Oman border, is surrounded by rugged mountains and offers some excellent hiking trails. It also has a fascinating museum that narrates the region’s rich history. Further north, Al Manama is home to two historic forts and a lovely family park.

Both enclaves have many farming areas and dams, and are much quieter than the coastal town. To find out more, visit my posts on Masfout and Al Manama.

Collage of two photos. The left shows wooden children's play equipment on grass in a. park with mountains in the background. The photo on the right is a view over the town of Masfout with lots of greenery and a vibrant orange sunset.

Wrap-up on the best things to do in Ajman

Wrapping up your Ajman adventure, we’ve seen that although Ajman may be the smallest emirate, it offers a surprising variety of activities and attractions. From exploring historical forts and museums to enjoying outdoor activities like kayaking and birdwatching, Ajman has something for everyone.

Whether you’re looking to relax on its beautiful beaches, indulge in local dining, explore the nature reserve, have a luxury break or shop for bargains, Ajman has it all. So, be sure to include these best things to do in Ajman on your Ajman itinerary and experience all the emirate has to offer.

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FAQs About Ajman Tourist Places

What is Ajman Beach location?

There are two main beaches in Ajman. Ajman Beach is on the corniche just after the border with Sharjah Al Hira. Al Zorah Beach is at the tip of Al Zorah peninsula.

What are the best tourist attractions in Ajman?

The best Ajman tourist places are beaches, Marina 1, Ajman Heritage District and Ajman Fort and Museum, the mangrove forests

What are free places to visit in Ajman?

Beaches, parks, Ajman Heritage District, Ajman Corniche, Al Qurm Walk