Ajman Heritage District

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Ajman Heritage District is a lovely, tranquil place to wander around, admire the murals of scenes of traditional life, explore Ajman Fort and stop off for tea, Emirati breakfast or even Viking fine dining!

Mural of Sheikh Zayed at Ajman Heritage District

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Ajman Heritage District

Ajman Heritage District is next to Ajman Fort (which is also the Museum) and is made up of streets named after poets. The traditional buildings house shops selling old coins, stamps, perfume, etc, as well as coffee shops and tea rooms. It’s also a great spot just to sit and watch the world go by.

Ajman Heritage District

The most striking feature though is the gallery of murals depicting scenes of traditional Emirati life and the history of Ajman.

The centrepiece in front of Ajman Fort is the sculpture named Al Mizan inspired by Arabic calligraphy and symbolising culture and generosity. The sculpture was created by internationally renowned French-Tunisian artist El Seed. El Seed also has an art piece on a building in Ajman and also one in Sharjah.

sculpture by el seed Ajman fort

Ajman Wall

The original wall that protected the town from attack many years ago was destroyed as the town grew and little importance given to what remained. However, this new wall has been constructed to remind people of the history. Words by Emirati poet Saif Al Marri adorn the wall on one side and drawings on the other.

Ajman wall

Ajman Food Destination

Apart from being home to lots of wonderful murals, Ajman Heritage District is fast becoming a restaurant and cafe destination.

Qdeemk wa Ndeemk, which used to be on Ajman Corniche serves delicious Emirati cuisine along with other food in a unique environment. (This is temporarily closed.)

Qdemk wa Ndemk Ajman

Liwara Sha’abi also sells traditional food in traditional decor along with other delicacies made by local women in the community that you can buy and take home your own little bit of Ajman heritage.

Liwara Shabi cafe at Ajman Heritage District

Turath is soon to open and the Viking Restaurant is a fine dining destination serving what they say is food that would have been eaten by the Vikings and offers a whole experience rather than just food. Reservation is required and it open evenings only.

Viking Restaurant Ajman Heritage District

There are also several coffee and tea shops such as Veiled in Black and Tea Lab.

Souqs at Ajman Heritage District

The district now also has a array of shops selling perfumes, collectors’ items and traditional clothing in Souq al Hosn.

souq al hosn Ajman heritage district

Across the road you can find Souq Saleh which is just the place to go if you’d like to make traditional ladies’ clothing.

You can buy material there and have them made and hand embroidered or embellished by the tailors in the souq. There are lots of styles for you to choose from. I like to go there as I can get everything done in one place. They also sell ready traditional gowns which just need to be cut and tailored to your size.

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Events at Ajman Fort and Heritage District

Events are occasionally held at the Heritage District such as Al Murabbaa Arts Fesitval and heritage festivals.

Ajman fort and museum art festival murabbaa

Ajman Fort

The museum in Ajman Fort Museum has recently been redone with a wonderful new exhibition on the history of Ajman.

Ajman Fort

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History of Ajman

You might also like to visit the new Masfout Museum in the Ajmani enclave of Masfout to learn more of the history of Ajman.

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