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Guide to Sharjah – The Ultimate Guide to the Emirate of Sharjah

Welcome to the complementary page of the Ultimate Guide to the Emirate of Sharjah! If you don’t already have your copy you can buy it below or go here to see more about the guide to Sharjah and to buy. Don’t miss the companion booklet for itineraries and walking/cycling tours in Sharjah.

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Links to relevant web and social media posts

In both the e-book and print version of The Ultimate Guide to the Emirate of Sharjah, relevant links are given for you to see more. To keep everything tidier and easier to use, the web and social media links are all on this page.

This is the link to the Glimpses of UAE Google Map. If you’re using an Android device, you can also use it in the MyMap app.

Updates and news on locations and events in Sharjah


Kalba has two new great new destinations – Kalba Hanging Gardens and Al Hefaiya Lake.

Upcoming Events

  • Sharjah Animation Conference – Sharjah Expo Centre, 1-5 May 2024
  • Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival – Sharjah Expo Centre, 1-12 May 2024
  • Expo Culinaire – Sharjah Expo Centre, 20-22 May 2024
  • The Art of Architectural Ornamentation in the Emirate of Sharjah exhibition – Bait Al Naboodah Museum, Heart of Sharjah, 17 February 2024 – 17 August 2024
  • Sharjah Air Station: A Historical Glimpse of the First Landing at Al Mahatta Museum, 3 Sep 2023 – 31 Jul 2024
  • Henok Melkamzer: Telsem Symbols and Imagery Art Exhibition – Sharjah Art Museum 24 Feb-16 Jun 2024
  • Lala Rukh: In the Round Art Exhibition, Al Mureijah Art Spaces, 24 Feb-16 Jun 2024
  • The Casablanca Art School: Platforms and Patterns for a Postcolonial Avant-Garde Art Exhibition – Al Hamriyah Art Studios and Old Diwan, 24 Feb-16 Jun 2024
  • Drawing Time: Duets Art Exhibition – Al Mureijah Art Spaces, 4 May–4 Aug 2024
  • The Noble Hilya Exhibition – Sharjah Calligraphy Museum, 1 March – 18 August 2024
  • Sharjah International Book Fair – Sharjah Expo Centre, 6-17 November 2024
  • Sharjah Biennial 16, various venues Feb-June 2025

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Walking and Cycling Tours and Itineraries in the Emirate of Sharjah

This wonderfully helpful companion includes maps showing routes and steps, photos and links for walking tours and itineraries included in the main guidebook. The Sharjah walking tours and itineraries include art, history, Arabic architecture tours and children’s days out.

Walking tours in Khor Fakkan, Kalba and Dibba al Hisn are also included and suggested itineraries for all of these and the Central Region. You can also do all the walking tours in Sharjah and other areas by bike and some longer options are more suited as cycling tours.

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Glimpses of the UAE Online Resources


You can find the answers to most questions on the book but here are are a few common questions.

  • Q: Do I have to cover my hair or wear an abaya in Sharjah? A: No you don’t but modest dress is appreciated locally.
  • Q: Can I buy alcohol in Sharjah? A: No, you can’t. There is only one location in Sharjah where expat non-Muslim club members can drink.
  • Q: Is Sharjah safe? A: Yes, Sharjah is one of the safest cities.
  • Q: Is Sharjah expensive? A: No, in general it is not as expensive as Dubai or Abu Dhabi and it has lots of low cost or free activities.
  • Q: Can I travel freely between emirates? A: Yes, you can.
  • Q: Can I fly into Sharjah? A: Yes, depending on your country of origin. Lots of airlines fly directly to Sharjah including Sharjah’s own low-cost carrier, Air Arabia.
  • Q: What is the weather like in Sharjah? A: It’s very hot in the summer months and pleasant from late October to early April. Inland is dry but the coast gets humid in the summer months. Temperatures raech up to 50 C inland and 35-45 on the coasts in summer and it’s in the 20s to earl 30s in the winter.