Visit Kalba Hanging Gardens – Sharjah’s New Attraction

photo collage of Kalba Hanging Gardens Sharjah

I’ve been eagerly watching the development of Kalba Hanging Gardens over the last couple of years and so I was pretty excited to visit at last! Sharjah’s latest attraction didn’t disappoint and offered all I was hoping for and more.

Read on to find out more about this beautiful mountainside park, its landscaped gardens, the huge waterfall, family areas, skate park, restaurants and more.

view over park with play areas, lawns and restaurant

Kalba Hanging Gardens Lower Area

The Emirate of Sharjah puts great emphasis on family and has created many fabulous family destinations both in urban and rural areas. Kalba Hanging Gardens is the latest of these and it was certainly full of families having fun together during my visit. See more of Sharjah as a family destination.

The lower area of the park includes play areas for different age groups along with benches for accompanying adults. Other seating areas were scattered around.

What I loved most was the areas sectioned off by landscaping, providing areas for families or a group of friends to have their own little patch without someone sitting right next to them. Once the plants have grown more, they’ll also offer more privacy.

As I visited in Ramadan, there were many families having iftar and others just having an evening picnic in these areas, but also on the lawns. Covering an area of just under 149,000 m2, there’s plenty of room.

The skate park and pump track looked fun and kids were out on both roller skates and skateboards. An equipment hire kiosk is set to open at some point. If it’s exercise you want, you can also take the walking track that runs next to the train route and does a loop around the park.

skate park under sail shade

Of course, the centrepiece of Kalba Hanging Gardens is the artificial waterfall which cascades down several levels in to a small lake. Apart from its aesthetic appeal, it’s quite cooling to sit near and the sound is very calming. At night the waterfall is lit up.

artificial waterfall cascading down rocky steps into a lake

Another important focus in the Emirate of Sharjah is accessibility and the lower part of the park was fully wheelchair accessible with sloping paths. See more on Sharjah as an accessible destination.

ramp for wheelchair use in park

A small amphitheatre sits at the opposite end from the skate park and will provide a venue for performances on events such as National Day and possibly for local school to use too.

In the centre of the Hanging Gardens in Sharjah is the Lebanese restaurant Habib Beirut. With indoor seating, full windows and a terrace, the circular building provides not only good food but another spot to enjoy the view of the park. (Incidentally, did you know that circular buildings are also more sustainable?)

circular building with glass windows and terrace with lawn in front and mountain behind

My family and I broke our fast here with a tasty meal of dates, laban, tamer hindi, soup, cold mezze, hot mezze, mixed grill and baklava. Needless to say it was too much and I’ll continue eating it tonight!

The fixed menu iftar cost AED 99, which I thought was good for the amount of food we were served. The service was excellent and I had no complaints. Keep in mind that restaurants in locations like Kalba will only open shortly before sunset and serve food after the call to prayer.

interior of circular restaurant with large windows

There are toilets on both sides of the park and prayer rooms for both ladies and gents are inside the restaurant.

I didn’t see the train but there this is one of several stations where you’ll be able to get on if it’s up and running.

pavilion train station for train that goes round the park

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Kalba Hanging Gardens Upper Section

Right at the top is La Brasseria, a restaurant with indoor seating and a terrace with beautiful views of the mountains and over the lagoon and to the sea. This would make a great spot to watch the sun rise. Benches are also dotted along the top area.

(Update: We went for dessert on 4/4/24 and they didn’t have any as they said it was still their soft opening.)

view of mountain park from terrace at Kalba Hanging Gardens

To get to the top, you can drive up following the sign that says ‘upper track’ or take one of the several walking routes. They vary in intensity so you can choose according to your preference.

Two mountain trails are on either side of the waterfall and we went down one and came up the other. The one to the left of the waterfall if you are facing it in the park is gentler. It’s probably longer but has more gentle slopes. See photo below.

gentler slope mountain trail kalba hanging gardens

The one on the right was steeper and steps all the way. Having had a big meal, I wish we’d done the steps down and gentler option back up!

Both of these tracks having seating areas at different points on the way up and also extra detours to rest areas right next to the waterfall and also further across the mountainside towards the steps going up to the brasserie (see below). This also means you sometimes end up going the wrong way but don’t worry, you’ll get a good workout and have more time to enjoy!

Another route is taking the steps up the west side of the Kalba Hanging Gardens and coming out near the restaurant. I liked the greenery and the scenery the most from this route. On the other side of the highway you can see the newly-opened Al Hefaiyah Lake in the second photo.

If you look at the map, you’ll see the short, gentler route on the left and the longer steeper options on the right.

map and legend of park

Kalba Hanging Gardens mountain park has more than 100,000 trees and plants making the mountainside incredibly green and a riot of colour. They also provide shade for you when you take the trails in the daytime.

The parking area at the top has two spaces for People of Determination and two for e-vehicles. Development at the top is still ongoing.

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kalba waterfall and lake lit up at night

How to get to Kalba Hanging Gardens Sharjah

The Hanging Gardens in Kalba are on the Sharjah-Kalba road (S/E102). If you’re going east on the Kalba road, the exit to the upper track is just before Al Heyar Tunnel and the exit to the lower area is after the tunnel at the end of the parking area. If you miss the first exit to the upper track, there’s another just after the park.

view looking down to park with lawns, skate park, play areas and restaurant

Going from the east coast, after Al Hefaiyah Mountain Conservation Centre, go up the mountain road heading west and take the exit for the lagoon (Al Hefaiyah Lake), go left at the roundabout and through the underpass. Go right at the next roundabout onto the old Kalba Road.

Follow the road to the top and park there or continue down the other side back on to the E102 and take the exit after Al Heyar Tunnel.

If you missed the lagoon exit, you need to continue past the park, through the tunnel, take the exit for Wadi Al Helo and do a u-turn under the road.

There weren’t any signs yet for the gardens going west but they may be up now.

More things to know about Kalba Hanging Gardens

🚗 The lower parking was full by 6:10pm. The upper parking was empty. POD parking places are near the main entrance and the Brasserie. At 3:30pm there were about 15 cars. (We went in the afternoon and then back again for iftar.)

👨‍👩‍👧 If you’re going with a group, look out for the family spots I mentioned earlier.

🐶 Note that pets are not allowed at any public areas in the Emirate of Sharjah.

🍗 Barbecue is not allowed

✅ Life in Kalba is different from some parts of the UAE. Please respect the local culture by dressing and behaving respectfully.

landscaped mountainside and mountain trails

What to combine Kalba Hanging Gardens with?

Remember to check the Glimpses of UAE Map to find out what’s nearby and plan the perfect trip!

Wrap-up on Kalba Hanging Gardens Sharjah

Kalba Hanging Gardens is undoubtedly one the new top things to do in Kalba. With lush gardens, clean mountain air, a beautiful artificial waterfall, family areas, green mountain trails and a choice of restaurants, there’s plenty to make for a relaxing day out. Pack up your picnic items, gather your friends or family and head over to the Hanging Gardens in Kalba for some revitalisation!

PS Look out for the new Tahr viewing area opening before long too!

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What is the Kalba Hanging Gardens Sharjah entry fee? – There is currently no entrance fee for the Hanging Gardens in Kalba

What is the location of the Hanging Gardens Kalba? It is a few kilometres outside of Kalba on the Sharjah-Kalba Road S102.