Wadi Shees, Shees Park and Shees Rest Area

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Wadi Shees is a favourite with many to get away from the city, including me! Whether it’s the beautiful new park, the pools, the old village and nature trail or a bit of off-roading, you’re sure to feel relaxed after a visit to the scenic Wadi Shees in Khorfakkan.

road to wadi shees khor fakkan

This page was first published on 17 January 2020 and last updated on 27 January 2024. I last visited on 26 January 2024.

Wadi Shees

Take the next exit to Wadi Shees and drive carefully as it has lots of steep slopes, bends, blind peaks and corners and it turns into one track. If you are coming from Khorfakkan, the exit is straight after Al Ghezeer Tunnel.

Shees Pool

On your left, you can stop at Shees pools. The first small pool is drinking water but further down there are pools where you can paddle or swim or even dive when the water is deep enough.

wadi shees sign to pond

You can go through the pool to the back where there is a narrow entrance to the next pools, but you cannot see them from the road. You can picnic at the same area although that spot gets busy at the weekend and on holidays.

wadi shees pool

Shees Park

shees park bridge and cafe sharjah

A new exciting addition to the area is Shees Park which has play areas, seating areas, a waterfall, Gerard’s coffee shop, barbeque areas and lovely views.

Entrance is AED 5 and free under age of five. You can pay with cash or card. The park is open from around 7:30 am to 10:30pm daily. Parking is available but is paid by meter. You can use coins or send an SMS.

It gets very busy at the weekend and holidays and sometimes they shut the road off so go weekdays, early or have a back-up plan.

Shees Rest Area

The new Shees Rest Area is on Khorfakkan road and has cafes and restaurants, plant nurseries, a few shops selling carpets, etc., fresh fruit and vegetable shops and a shaded playground. Parking is available but if you’re coming up from Shees, park in the first car park or you’ll end up back on the road to Khorfakkan (and no u-turn until Al Rafisah Dam!)

Shees Old Residential Area and Shees Nature Trail

Further down from Shees Park is the old residential area of Shees, which is well worth a visit if you can manage the climb up a hundred or so steps. The steps in the photo below are easier ones at the top. See note further down for the easier version.

Once in the old village, follow and read the signs for the Shees Nature Trail.

shees nature tail information board

Walk through the village and notice the intricate underground falaj system for irrigating the farms and the mosque that was earlier the house where Sheikh Sultan used to stay when he visited.

Continue through the farms, enjoy the view over the mountains, learn about farming and the biodiversity in the area from the information signs along the way and look out for trees with interesting shapes and wonderful roots growing down rock faces.

The path will eventually take you back down to the road where you can walk back up to your car. For an easier climb avoiding all the steps up, start here. I’ve added a photo below to help you find it.

easy entrance to wadi shees residential village

Wadi Shees Off-road

Further down the road, pass Shees Health Centre and Sharjah Co-op (preferably on the tourist bypass road) and then you can only be in awe at the deep wadi you’re driving through and at times, the huge rocks jutting out that look like they might fall on you at any moment!

wadi road at wadi shees

Look out for goats higher up climbing over precarious edges with the greatest of ease.

The off road track has been cleared of rubble since the heavy rain and floods last year.

Entering Madha Oman from Wadi Shees

When you receive a text message from Ooredoo or Omantel, you know you’ve crossed into Omani territory. When you reach the fork, you can turn left up the single track road up the hill or right through the farms.

entering oman from wadi shees

There’s also an option to go straight and the road has recently been cleared. It leads to Sungate Resort (first photo below) and another wadi (second photo below)which looks like it goes round to cross under the asphalt road from Hijer Bani Humayd to the dual carriageway.

If you turn left, the road will take you to Al Nahwa, an exclave of Sharjah inside the Omani enclave. The road takes you through mountains, open plains and lush oases. Carrying on further still and eventually you’ll come out in Mirbah, Fujairah, just south of Khor Fakkan. See more on Al Nahwa on my post on Al Nahwa.

road to nahwa from wadi shees
al nahwa cave khor fakkan
Al Nahwa Cave

If you turn right instead, it will take you through a farming area before you find a paved road. Go straight to reach a quiet valley or go left to go up to the main road. Taking left will take you to Madha town and right will take you to another valley. You can see more on my post on Madha.

farming area madha oman near wadi shees

Keep in mind that you should have Oman coverage to drive in Oman. Check whether you have that with your motor insurance. Ask for the orange card. (Although it’s no longer orange.)

You will lose signal as you get deeper whichever road you take so make sure you’re prepared for any emergencies and then sit back and enjoy the spectacular scenery.

(Note: Don’t confuse Wadi Shees with Wadi Shie which is further into Khor Fakkan. You will also see it written Chees on the Oman side. There is no border point as it is surrounded by the UAE. )

How to get to Wadi Shees

Take the Khor Fakkan Road and if you’re coming from the west, look out for the large sign at the side of the road marking the entrance to the Khor Fakkan area of Sharjah emirate – you can’t miss it. From Khor Fakkan, after you go through Al Ghezeer Tunnel, exit at the ramp to go under Khor Fakkan Road. Alternatively, you can go via Madha.

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