The Ultimate Guide to the Emirate of Sharjah (Book)

There are many fabulous places to visit in Sharjah, UAE but it can be hard to know what to see and where to go. This comprehensive guide will help you with all information in one place so you can see the best of Sharjah easily.

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Ultimate Guide to the Emirate of Sharjah Book Description

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Whether you’re a UAE resident or a visitor, this book will help you discover the hidden gems of Sharjah along with the better known places.

Here are a few things you’ll find in this handy Sharjah guidebook:

  • Art galleries, educational centres, museums
  • Nature reserves, safari park
  • Family destinations
  • Stunning beaches, parks
  • Lakes, deserts, mountains, wadis, mangrove forests, acacia plains
  • Heritage areas, forts and other historical sites
  • Luxury stays
  • Festivals and fairs
  • Hikes, golf, water sports, horse-riding, cricket…


  • Suggested walking/cycling tours and itineraries
  • Background to Sharjah
  • Bonus section ‘Living in Sharjah’
  • Includes opening times, prices, links, locations and accessibility info

The Ultimate Guide to Sharjah tells you all the places to go and things to do in Sharjah City and Sharjah Central and Eastern Regions.

Includes – Khorfakkan, Kalba, Dibba al Hisn, Al Nahwa, Wadi al Helo, Al Dhaid, Al Madam, Mleiha and Al Hamriya

Up-to-date and authentic information about each place, what you can do there, the location, timings, entry fees, contacts and level of accessibility for People of Determination.

Extra resources – author’s blog, social media posts and linked map where you can find photos, updates and suggestions to help you plan your trip, dedicated web page with all relevant links. (Downloadable freebies to follow soon.)

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Why Should I Buy the Guide to the Emirate of Sharjah (and who is it by)?

Apart from all the reasons above, the Ultimate Guide to Sharjah is written by someone who has been to all the locations and continues to visit regularly. I lived in Sharjah for 16 years, still regularly travel across the emirate for work and leisure and am a certified Sharjah tour guide. One more reason – I love the Emirate of Sharjah and all it has to offer! To read more about me, visit the About Me page.

Guide to the Emirate of Sharjah Web Links

If you have the print version (coming soon), you can find all the relevant links from the Sharjah guide book on the Guide to Sharjah Links page. Of course, this is also useful to use together with the e-book. Updates and upcoming events are listed on the main Guide to Sharjah the Emirate of Sharjah complementary page.

Planning your Trip to Sharjah

If you need help planning your vacation to Sharjah, this handy post on Planning Your Trip to Sharjah is for you! If you’re not convinced yet, visit 7 Best Reasons to Visit Sharjah.

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You can also buy the booklet Exploring the Emirate of Sharjah – walking/cycling tours and itineraries. This can be used together with The Ultimate Guide to the Emirate of Sharjah or by itself.

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Testimonials for Glimpses of the UAE

These are just a few of many messages I’ve received about Glimpses of the UAE’s various resources.


  • Is Sharjah a country? No, Sharjah is an emirate in the country of the United Arab Emirates.
  • Who is the ruler of Sharjah? HH Sheikh Dr Sultan Al Qasimi is the ruler of Sharjah.
  • Can I buy alcohol in Sharjah? No, alcohol is not allowed in Sharjah (with two exceptions.)
  • Do women have to cover in Sharjah? No, but modest dress for both men and women is generally appreciated.
  • Can a Christian practise their religion in Sharjah? Yes, and there are several churches.
  • Can I practise other religions in Sharjah? Yes, you can. There are people of all religions living in the emirate.
  • Can I buy a house in Sharjah? Yes, there are some areas specifically for expats to buy houses and apartments.
  • Is Sharjah very strict Islamically? Whilst Sharjah adheres to Islamic principles, nothing is imposed on residents or visitors with the exception of prohibition of alcohol and similar.
  • Is Sharjah a good place to visit for families to visit? Yes, it’s an excellent choice of destination.
  • Can I wear swimsuits on the beach? There are no restrictions at hotel beaches. On other beaches, it’s preferred if people are slightly more modestly dressed, especially outside of the city.
  • Are there places for Muslim ladies to swim in privacy? Yes, at Sharjah Ladies Club. There is a fee for the beach.
  • Can ladies attend prayers at the mosque in Sharjah? Yes, almost all mosques have ladies’ sections.
  • Does Sharjah have a four-day work week? Yes, government offices work Monday to Thursday and some schools and universities also. Because of this, museums, etc. usually open around 4pm on Fridays.
  • Is Sharjah worth visiting? Absolutely! If you love culture, art, museums, festivals, family destinations, etc, it’s for you. But if you’re looking for bars, clubbing or bling, you should probably go somewhere else.