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Al Rabi Tower, Khor Fakkan

Al Rabi Tower is a great Khor Fakkan viewpoint, the starting point of the Rabi Hiking Trail, the site of a cafe where you can enjoy the view over breakfast or at any time of day and one of the best things to do in Khor Fakkan.

Khor Fakkan viewpoint

Al Rabi Tower

The tower was an important part of the defence network in Khor Fakkan, located between Al Adwani Tower and the watchtower at Al Miqsar. The various lookout posts across the town would send warnings to each other by gunshot. It was first constructed in 1915 during the reign of Sheikh Said bin Hamad Al Qassimi and has since been restored.

Rabi Tower, Khor Fakkan


If you don’t want to hike, have breakfast with a view at The View by Wave right next to the tower. Open 7am to midnight, it has both indoor and outdoor seating. Outdoors is mostly shaded.

Al Rabi Hiking Trail

For an even better view, do the Rabi hiking trail to the top of Khor Fakkan’s highest mountain, but be sure to be well-prepared before setting off. (See the photo with yellow arrows in the gallery showing starting and end points.)


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