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Hiking in the UAE

If you want to go hiking in the UAE, there are many areas to go from well-laid out and marked trails to very difficult unmarked ones. Popular ones with families are Shawka, Fossil Rock, al Rabi, Seven Summits, Abadila, Tayyibah, Tawyeen and Jebel Jais. You can find information on all these trails and more on Wikiloc. (It seems Fossil Rock is now closed except with permission.)

Please do your research before going and ensure all safety precautions are adhered to as there are rescues from mountains nearly every weekend of inexperienced and/or ill-prepared hikers. There are many groups that offer organised hikes with experienced guides.

Here I’m sharing some of the easier ones, most of which are good for family hikes. For more difficult ones, have a look on Wikiloc. For guided treks in Fujairah, check our partner’s upcoming trails here

Hiking in the UAE

Wadi Abadila, Fujairah

The first part of the trail is an easy one for children to do and fun to see in the pools etc. so makes for a good family hike. It continues into a moderate dryer wadi trail which can go up to 12km. Its one way so you can turn back when you want.

Take me to the map

Jebel Jais Upper Segment

One-way moderate trail of around 2km to first point or 4km to the next. There are shelters with benches along the way. Great views. There is also a more difficult continuation.

Jebel Jais Lower Trails

There are several trails which overlap. The Asbaq is suitable for families with the children but the side of the Teen trail nearest the road has paths near a steep edge so maybe not best for very young children unless you keep a good hold.

The Samar trail, the longest of the lower trails, includes parts of the other trails.

For location on Glimpses of the UAE map, click here. See more photos here.

Seven Summits, Fujairah – easy family hike

A nice easy and fun one to do with children with forts on each peak, around 2km. Take me to the map

Al Rabi, Khor Fakkan

Easy but with incline, 5-6km loop with great views. Take me to the map

Tawyeen, Fujairah (upper part)

Very short hike to the top of the trail with a great view. This is just the end of a difficult long hike. You’ll pass the sign on the paved road to Ain al Sheria.

Ain al Sheria, Fujairah

A very picturesque hike with amazing rock colours and types. At one point, you’ll reach a large stone with lots of petroglyphs. The road to get there is not the easiest, the last part is off-road with some steep slopes and bends. See my wikiloc for more info or Instagram or Facebook post

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Bidya Fujairah Adventures

A nice short one with kids and lovely view. Good sunrise spot. There’s a longer hike very nearby. See more here and wikiloc here.

Masfoot Trails Take me to the map

Actually this is a mountain bike trail, but you might try using it for hiking too if there are no events on.

Dahir Take me to the map. See more here.

Kalba Dam

There are two trails on hills on opposite ends of the dam and a trodden path between them. Each trail goes to the peak of each hill and the path goes around the lake so you can do different variations, one peak, one peak and round the dam, or two peaks and round the dam.
The peak to the right with the dam behind you is around 2km up and down and the other peak including the loop is around 5.5km. Both peaks have man-made winding trails.

See more here 


The beginning was a clear firm path but this quickly changed to some steep rock with not much of a path to follow. After that much of the way we walked in the flat wadi bed which was much easier. We deviated from the trial and mainly kept to wadis.
It was a very mixed terrain. Some steep, but not high, slopes with loose rock and shale, thick gravel roads, firmer worn tracks and both rocky and flat wadi beds and a few areas of greenery in the wadi.


To see more visit Bithna Fort, Nature Trail and Hiking Trail,

Al Ahfra

The hike is on low hills takes about an hour moving time, has a fair amount of elevation, up and down several times but on a winding path, not steep. There are two peaks with flags, one with a one room ruin, another with a multiple room ruin.
Although the trail is clearly marked (you won’t need to follow a Wikiloc), the recent rain has caused some damage to parts. This means the surface might not be suitable for everyone.
This trail could be extended across the other hills if you’re used to hiking on that terrain. As they’re low hills, it would be pretty impossible to get lost.
See the wikiloc here or post on Facebook and Instagram.

Wadi Arar

After the winter rain, this is a nice trail with lots of pools and a little bit of greenery. It’s a one way trail so you can decide how far you want to go. It’s a flat trail but with a surface with rocks like very large pebbles and occasional points where you need to climb over boulders. Good trail to do with both children and dogs. Ideally you need a 4WD or AWD to get to the head of this trail and there is no phone signal in the wadi and before you reach the trailhead. See the wikiloc here or Instagram or Facebook post.


There are a lot more more advanced hikes across the emirates that you can look up.

For guided treks in Fujairah, check ECC Adventure’s upcoming trails here

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