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Masfoot is one of my favourite hidden gems in the UAE. It lies on plains between rugged mountains and has beautiful views and lots of fresh, clean air!


If you head towards Masfoot Fort, many of the places mentioned here are on that side of town. (That’s the Hatta side so it’s an easy stopover if you’re going to or from there). The fort itself stands atop a hill and as now open as  a museum.  If it’s closed, it’s worth going for the great view over the valley. On the hill opposite is a watchtower.

The town is an enclave of Ajman and a farming area. There are plans to turn it into a tourist resort but for now, it’s lovely and quiet. During a rainy winter, visit the lake at Masfoot Dam. Note that in dry winters like this year there is no water.

Masfoot Walk is a paved walkway from the dam through the lower part of the town and ends near the fort. A waterway has been created which is partly lake and partly stream in winters with a reasonable amount of rain.

There are lots of benches along the walkway to enjoy the view. One area is sheltered. The upper part of the Walk is lit with street lamps whilst the lower half is lit with lamp garlands.

Halfway down the Walk (and road to the Fort), you’ll see a watchtower on a mound and a cafe called Prestige. Its a great place to sit and relax, take in the view, listen to the sounds of the birds and enjoy a fresh juice.

They also have lots of desserts and fresh drinks and some savoury options too, such as chicken crepes, pasta and burgers. They are very reasonably priced and staff are friendly.

Since these photos were taken, the sheltered area has been enclosed with ac for hot weather and there is new more comfortable furniture.


Masfoot Oasis – detour off Masfoot Walk which takes you through the farming area. One side takes you up to the old mosque.

Bin Sultan Mosque

Bin Sultan Mosque was built in 1815. It is in the farming area at the foot of the mountains on the opposite side of the fort – see Masfoot Oasis above. 

It was built using gypsum, clay and palm fronds as so many buildings were. It has been restored and is still in use today.


Both Al Warqa Park (Monday and Wednesday for ladies only) and Al Muzeera Ladies Park are well kept and have play areas and facilities.

If you have a interest in rock formations like me, you can see many interesting ones. Drive along the main road in the direction of the Oman border and Madam for some limestone formations which are completely different to the main Hajar mountains behind. The last photo shows the contrast between the two. Other rocks like the ones in the middle below are dotted around. The first one is at the entrance to Masfoot from the main road from Hatta side.

If you want to sit somewhere remote for a picnic, there are wide open plains at the foot of the mountains near the Oman border (not the border crossing, further south.)

There are also several new mountain bike trails on Jebel Abyad which you might use for hiking if there is no event on and no one around. It has great views over the valleys.

Al Jazer Dam Park/ Masfoot Camping Huts

The park sits between low rock and next to a dam and has shelters, concrete barbecues, benches, a small play area, toilets and is free of charge.
Another of the hidden gems in the UAE, this park is located next to the Oman border on the road from Al Madam but you can’t pass through that road so you need to drive towards Hatta/Masfoot and turn back driving right through towards the park.

Wadi Masfoot

There is a road next to Gulfa water plant that takes you up the mountainside. The bridge over the wadi is broken but you can turn off to the left just before for a view over the town and a walk around.

Kholaiban Dam

Khulaiban Dam, Masfoot

To get to Masfoot, GCC nationals can take the road from Al Madam to Masfoot (if Oman borders are open, currently they aren’t), but other passport holders need to take the Maleha/Kalba Rd. It is signposted from there. Check also Glimpses of the UAE Map for exact locations of places mentioned above.

If you’re looking for a place that offers tranquility rather than organised activities, this is the place for you.

What else can I combine this with?

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This post was last updated on 5 January 2022.

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