Bidya Hiking Trail (Fujairah Adventures)

Bidya Hiking Trail

Bidya Hiking Trail, created by Fujairah Adventures, is nice, easy and short and you can combine it with something else you’re doing nearby. Without stops, it will take 30-45 minutes moving time but no doubt you will want a few stops to sit and enjoy the view.

Bidya Hiking Trail

It’s one you can do with children but for younger children, you might want to skip the detour to the right/west as the path is steeper there and has loose rock.

We went later afternoon which was the perfect time as parts of it were in the shade. About an hour before sunset is a great time to set off to see the sun going down behind the mountains during your walk and stops.

You can enter Bidya hiking trail in Google maps or going from Fujairah side, do a u-turn at the roundabout after Bidya Mosque and turn right.

There is no sign but you can see the trail markers on the ground and there is a place to park. From Dibba, after the tunnel, pass the roundabout after it and turn off after the next roundabout.

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What to do near Bidya Hiking Trail?

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