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Fujairah Adventure Park

At Fujairah Adventure Park, there’s lots going on! From mountain bike trails, hiking trails, dirt jumps, skateboarding, archery or just drinking coffee and enjoying the view.
If you’re planning on mountain biking, you can pay 40 dhs for the shuttle car to take you and your bikes to the top four times and you can just enjoy the cycle down.
Next you can move on to the dirt jump. Bicycles and helmets are available to hire or you can take your own.
There are several hiking trails away from the bikes and from some points you have a great view over Fujairah. You need to sign a form before heading off on the trails.
There are a few kids’ activities like biking, climbing wall and bungee jumps. They also organise weekend camp sessions for children to learn new skills.
There is a coffee shop that sometimes screens movies and is a fun place to hang out in the evening.
Look out for exciting new developments here!

Fujairah Adventure Park

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