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Tag: hiking

Fujairah Adventure Park

At Fujairah Adventure Park, there’s lots going on! From mountain bike trails, hiking trails, dirt jumps, skateboarding, archery or just drinking coffee and enjoying the view. If you’re planning on mountain biking, you can pay 40 dhs for the shuttle car to take you and

Wadi al Helo

Wadi Al Helo

Wadi Al Helo is one of Sharjah’s several enclaves. Just off the old Kalba Road, the valley lies on the old caravan trade route and has applied to be listed as a UNESCO Heritage Site as part of the Gateway to the Trucial States. Helo,


Kalba The area of Kalba has so much to offer the nature lover with several very diverse habitats for its size – mountains, plains with acacia forests, mangroves, beaches, lakes, marshes and palm groves. It has long been one of my favourites places to visit

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