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Tag: hiking with kids

Bithna Fort and hiking trail

Bithna Fort, Nature Trail and Hiking

Bithna Fort Bithna Fort is an 18th-century fort which had a very strategic location on one of the main trade routes. The area was much fought over not only by local tribes but also by Omanis. As you enter the fort itself, you’ll notice the

Jebel Jais Lower Trails

Jebel Jais Lower Trails

There are several trails which overlap. The Asbaq is suitable for families with the children but the side of the Teen trail nearest the road has paths near a steep edge so maybe not best for very young children unless you keep a good hold.

Bidya Hiking Trail

Bidya Hiking Trail (Fujairah Adventures)

Bidya Hiking Trail, created by Fujairah Adventures, is nice, easy and short and you can combine it with something else you’re doing nearby. Without stops, it will take 30-45 minutes moving time but no doubt you will want a few stops to sit and enjoy

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