Manama – Red and White Forts and Museum Park


Manama, Ajman, UAE

Many people are surprised to know that Ajman has two enclaves inland. One of them is Manama which sits on the plains at the foot of the Hajar Mountains.

When pearl trading suddenly became less important, Manama was important to the emirate due to its agricultural richness. One of the main crops was papayas.

There are two forts near the mountains, the White Fort and the Red Fort. They and the surrounding area still belong to the ruler of Ajman but parts have been opened up and landscaped for local residents and visitors to enjoy.

Next to the White Fort (with plans to become a museum) is a heritage village and Manama Museum Park. It is open after 4 pm. (Please note neither barbecuing nor dogs are allowed in the park.)


The Red Fort is surrounded by farmlands belonging to the ruling family. As you drive up from the White Fort to the Red Fort, you pass lush green fields on one side and palm groves on the other.

In front of the fort, you’ll notice oryx, gazelles, zebras and white donkeys in separate enclosures.

The fort itself is set in beautiful gardens and if you climb up to the higher floors, you can enjoy a view over the mountains, farms and plains. (Update: May 2021 – it has been reported that the Red Fort is not currently open to the public.)

Location on Glimpses of the UAE map – here.  All are in the same area.

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