Discover Interesting and Beautiful Mosques in the UAE

Collage of Mosques in the UAE

All around we can see beautiful mosques in the UAE as well as lots of interesting ones and unique architectural styles. With so many photos of these mosques, I thought it was time I started a post to share them. (This is just a few of them!)

This will be a work in progress as I add photos over time. Some have links to see more information and others will be just a name and location. Feel free to add info or point out any errors in the comments or send an email. Open the table of contents if you want to go to a specific emirate or mosque.

collage of interesting and beautiful mosques in the uae

Some of the mosques are well-known and others are just ones that have caught my attention and I stopped to take a photo of. Among them are some of the most beautiful mosques in the UAE, unique mosques, historic mosques and others with interesting architecture.

About Mosques in the UAE

How many mosques are there in the UAE?

There are nearly 10,000 mosques in the UAE. The Emirate of Sharjah has the highest number of mosques, followed by the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. In July 2023, Sharjah had 3,092 mosques but more have opened since then.

Mosque in Ottoman style lit up at night
Rushd Mosque Al Batayeh, Sharjah

Many of these photos are in the Emirate of Sharjah due to the number of mosques but also due to their elaborate architecture. I hope to add more from other emirates in time.

Some mosques are built by local or federal government and others are built by individuals, sometimes in memory of a relative as an ongoing charity. You can often see distinct styles in different areas but also two very different styles close to each other.

Heritage mosque on roundabout with decorative new mosque in background
Old and new mosques in Kalba, UAE

You can watch a video of many mosques in the UAE that I made when the mosques reopened for Friday prayers in 2021 after being closed for over a year.

Which mosques in the UAE can non-Muslims visit ?

You can visit any mosque from outside but which mosques can non-Muslims enter in the UAE? Here are some you can visit. Most require advance booking.

collage of photos inside Fujairah Grand Mosque
Inside Fujairah Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

About the sermon/khutbah in UAE mosques

While most mosques deliver the khutbah in Arabic, there are some that deliver it in Urdu, Malayalam or English. The khutbah prepared by General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments (Awqaf) is also available in sign language on AwqafUAE on YouTube.

Ahmed ibn Hanbal Mosque in Sharjah, pictured below, was the first mosque to provide sign language for the khutbah.

Ahmed ibn Hanbal Mosque Sharjah

Mosques in Abu Dhabi

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi

Opened 2007, Biggest mosque in the UAE, accessible, ladies section, open to visitors with pre-booking. Architect: Yusef Abdelki 🔗 See more at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

Ahmed El Tayeb Mosque, Abrahamic Family House, Abu Dhabi

Opened 2023, accommodates 300 worshippers, ladies section, accessible. Architect: Sir David Adjaye OM OBE 🔗 Read more about Ahmed El Tayeb Mosque here.

Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Mosque, Al Ain

Opened 2021, accommodates 20,800 worshippers inside, 15,964 sq m, ladies section, accessible. Architect: Bayatya

Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Mosque with large low dome decorated with calligraphy

Qasr Al Muwaiji Mosque, Al Ain

The mosque at Qasr Al Muwaiji (or Al Muwaiji Fort) is around 100 years old. 🔗 See more on Al Muwaiji Fort on Top Places to visit in Al Ain.

Jahili Mosque, Al Ain

Built in 1890s, restored, next to Jahili Fort

Old restored mosque with one open wall with arches

Mohammed Alfalahi Alyasi Mosque, Al Mirfa

Opened 2018, Friday mosque, accessible, ladies’ section. 🔗 See more of Al Mirfa here.

large mosque built incorporating traditional Emirati architectural style. Mohammed Alfalahi Alyasi Mosque in Mirfa Abu Dhabi

Ali Mohammed Sadeq Albulushi Mosque, Samha Abu Dhabi

Opened 2017, ladies prayer area, located next to the E11 Abu Dhabi-Dubai highway

Inside it has a wooden roof resembling the external shape adorned with the names of Allah and it has a large chandelier. It is also called the Blue Mosque by some as the roof and minarets are lit up blue at night.

A front view of Ali Mohammed Sadeq Albulushi Mosque with two minarets and a roof resembling a stepped pyramid

Mosques in Dubai

Jumeirah Mosque, Dubai

Opened in 1979. 🔗 Read more about Jumeirah Mosque here.

Jumeirah Mosque in Dubai

Sultan Yusuf Ahli Mosque, Al Khawaneej

Opened 2010.

Sultan Yusuf Ahli Mosque, Al Khawaneej

Al Farooq Mosque, Al Fahidi District, Dubai

Ladies’ section available

Al Farooq Mosque Al Fahidi District with low dome

Royal Alkamali Mosque, Al Nahda

Under construction.

Royal Alkamali Mosque with four minarets with four balconies and blue top, and several blue domes. Under construction.

Mosques in Sharjah

Mosques in Sharjah City and Al Hamriyah

Sharjah Grand Mosque

Opened 2015, accommodates 25,000, cost AED300 million. Architects – ATI Consultants, Architects and Engineers. 🔗 Read more about Sharjah Mosque here.

sharjah mosque at night

Al Noor Mosque, Buhairah Corniche, Sharjah

Opened 2005, accommodates 2200 worshippers, ladies’ section. A regular venue for Sharjah Light Festival.

Maghfirah Mosque, Sharjah Corniche

Opened 2002, Friday mosque, accommodates 2000 worshippers inside, ladies’ section, accessible.

mosque with two very tall minarets and a gold dome lit up at night, black sky in background

Tarahum Mosque, Al Rahmaniyah, Sharjah

Opened 2023, Friday mosque, ladies section, accessible

Al Daleel Mosque, Sharjah Art Square

Oldest mosque in the city of Sharjah at around 100 years old, restored in the 1990s, accommodates 250 worshippers. Located in Sharjah Art Area.

Old restored mosque in sandy colour with high mihrab

King Faisal Mosque , Sharjah

Opened 1987, accommodates 16,670 worshippers, ladies’ section, accessible. Known as one of the first large mosques. Architect: Abdul Rahman Abdul Hafidh Al Junaidi. Read more about King Faisal Mosque here.

Al Zahra Mosque, Sharjah

Nabi Muhammad Mosque, Sharjah Industrial Area

Tuwa Mosque, Sharjah

Opened circa 2022

mosque with contemporary design and single minaret

Bishara Mosque, Industrial Area, Sharjah

white mosque with simple, contemporary design and stand alone minaret

Alemam Ibn Hazam Mosque, American University of Sharjah

Mosques in Sharjah Central Region

Al Dhaid Mosque, Al Dhaid

Opened 2023, replaced previous mosque, Friday mosque, ladies section, opposite Sharjah Media Building (Al Wusta Channel) 🔗 See more of Al Dhaid here.

large mosque with dark green domes

Umm Salama Mosque, Al Dhaid

Reconstructed, inaugurated 2022, no ladies section, next to Al Dhaid Fort.

mosque in traditional heritage style of UAE

Al Sharia Mosque, Al Dhaid Oasis

Recently restored. 🔗 See more of Al Dhaid Oasis

Ammar bin Yasir Mosque, Al Dhaid

Friday Mosque, ladies’ section, previously venue for Sharjah Light Festival for several years.

mosque with central dome and two minarets with designs projected on to it at night

Unnamed (as yet), Al Dhaid

Not yet open, privately funded

Mosque with Globe shaped glass prayer hall and twisted minaret

Mosque at Al Badayer Oasis Retreat, Al Madam

Opened 2022, part of resort, resident imam.

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Mosques in Sharjah Eastern Region

Sultan Al Mutawwa Mosque, Khorfakkan

Around 200 years old, restored, featured on old five dirham note. 🔗 See more of Sultan Al Mutawwa Mosque

Umm Al Mumineen Hafsa bint Omar Mosque, Khorfakkan

Imam Yahya ibn Abl Kathir Mosque, Khorfakkan

Mosque with arched windows with interlacing arch design and 
dome and minarets

One of the best places to witness diversity of mosque architecture is on Kalba Beach Road. If you can, start from Kalba Lake and follow the road along the water up to Fujiarah. All of these mosques below, and more, are on that route.

Martyr Hamza bin Abdul Muttalib Mosque, Khor Kalba

Ladies’ section

Saeed bin Hamad Al Qasimi Mosque, Kalba

Opened circa 2021

all white mosque with dome and minarets

Al Qalaa Mosque, Heritage Mosque Square, Kalba

Opened in 2022, Accommodates 1080 worshippers, ladies’ section.

Khor Kalba Old Mosque, Heritage Mosque Square, Kalba

One of the oldest mosques in Kalba, restored and reopened in 2021.

Saif Bin Ghanim Mosque is on the roundabout next to Al Qalaa Mosque, offering a stark contrast of old and new. The mosque was used by fishermen and built of traditional materials of coral, plaster and palm fronds.

restored heritage mosque

Ibrahim Al Khalil Mosque, Kalba

Opened 2002

Mosque with geometric shape and dome and 
two minarets

Old mosque, Kalba Beach Road (no details)

Sheikh Rashid bin Ahmed Al Qasimi Mosque, Dibba Al Hisn

Friday Mosque, Ladies section, accessible, lit up during Sharjah Light Festival

Mosques in Fujairah

Fujairah Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Second biggest mosque in the UAE. Opened 2015. 🔗 See more at Fujairah Grand Mosque

Al Bidya Mosque

Oldest extant mosque in the UAE, Friday mosque. Built between 1450 and 1670 AD/CE. 🔗 Read more about Bidya Mosque here.

Habhab Archaeological Mosque

300 years old, restored, no separate ladies section 🔗 Read more at Habhab Village

Al Marhouma Asma Alfahad Bedrawi Mosque, Thoban

Opened 2021, khutbah in Urdu

The spiral minaret is based on that of Samarra Mosque in Iraq. The mosque in Thoban and industrial area and so the khutba/sermon is in Urdu and there is no ladies section.

thick spiral minaret and low mosque with low dome, all in sandy shade

Abdulla Sultan Alsalami Mosque, Dibba Fujairah

Ladies’ section, accessible

Mosque built in traditional Emirati architectural style

Sheikh Zayed Mosque Dibba Fujairah

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Mosques in Ajman

Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Ajman

mosque with four minarets and dome 
reflected in large puddle

Amna bint Rashid Alghurairi Mosque, Ajman

Opened in 2013, accommodates 1400, ladies section, 15,000 sq m, cost AED 16 million. Lit up with projections at night in Ramadan. 🔗 Read more about Amna bint Alghurairi Mosque here.

Amina Bint Ahmad Al Ghurair Mosque Ajman

Farm mosque, Al Helio

small simple mosque on farm with small minaret

Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi Mosque, Ajman

Ghanem bin Hamad al Shamsi Mosque, Ajman

circular mosque with dome in city

Masfoot (Enclave of Ajman)

Bin Sultan Mosque Masfoot

Built 1815, one open prayer hall with mihrab, built with gypsum, clay and palm fronds, restored. See more of Masfoot

Mosques in Ras Al Khaimah

Sheikh Sultan bin Saqr Al Qasimi Grand Mosque

Opened 2019, accommodates 3,200 worshipers, ladies section

large mosque in Ottoman style with two minarets and multiple domes

Sheikh Mohammed bin Salem Mosque

Believed built originally in late 1700s AD/CE. Restored and reopened in 2021.

🔗 Read more about Mohammed bin Salem Mosque here.

Jazeerat Al Hamra old mosque

Located in the old fishing village of Jazeera Al Hamra (Red Island) I haven’t found any information about the date of this mosque. 🔗 See more of Jazeera Al Hamra

old stone mosque  with large cylindrical minaret with point at top in front of prayer room

Abdullah Ali Ibrahim Al Amash Mosque, Al Rams

Large mosque with a dome and two minarets lit at night

Old mosque Shimal

(I haven’t been able to find this mosque recently.)

Abu Bakr As Sidiq Mosque Ras Al Khaimah

The minarets on this mosque have a unique red pattern on them.

Mosque with red and white stripe dome and minarets with red patterns

Mosques in Umm Al Quwain

Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Umm Al Quwain

Khalfan Salim Al Shawi Mosque, Al Rashidiya

low mosque with tall minaret and pointed domes

Rashid Mohammed Al Mazrouei Mosque, Al Sharieah, Umm Al Quwain

Wrap-up on interesting and beautiful mosques in the UAE

On our journey through the different emirates, we’ve seen that there are many different architectural styles of mosques in the UAE, some modern, some classic and some unique. All have the same aim of providing a place for worshipers to pray alone or in congregation and the majority cater for men and women.

Some are basic structures fulfilling a purpose and others are very beautiful both inside and out. Of the beautiful, some display opulence and some simplicity. What matters is that they are all havens of tranquility for those who are attending to acts of worship or just seeking a quiet place to contemplate.

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