Al Dhaid Fort, Sharjah Central Region

al dhaid fort

Al Dhaid Fort is one of the more recent and exciting heritage projects in the Emirate of Sharjah. Recently added to the The Islamic World Heritage List, it’s one to include on your own list of places to visit in Sharjah Central Region.

Dhaid Fort

In days gone by, its location near the fertile oasis of Al Dhaid and at the crossroads of the mountains, plains and the desert was of strategic importance to the ruling family of Al Qasimi.

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Al Dhaid Fort and Museum

First constructed over two hundred years ago, the fort has not only been rebuilt to its former glory, but it houses a fabulous museum on Al Dhaid itself and local traditions in Sharjah Central Region, such as falconry.

Al Dhaid Fort has a vast courtyard and towers at each corner, one of which was the prison. Another tower consists of the sheikh’s living quarters while other rooms include stores, a madbasa or date press room and numerous others.

The inner walkway around the ground floor of the fort and the rooms have been completely closed in with glass, making it a perfect place to visit in the hotter months.

This allows visitors to wander around the museum in air-conditioning and still see the fort from indoors. The museum is beautifully curated and has good, clear information. Guides are available to explain more.

In the courtyard are shaded seating areas and a coffee shop. Also, you can see a part of the old falaj (irrigation system using channels.) Al Dhaid has long been an agricultural area and farmers used the falaj to water the many surrounding farms.

In 2023, Al Dhaid Fort was added to the venues in Sharjah Light Festival.

Al Dhaid Fort during Sharjah Light Festival 2023

Outside the fort are a new mosque and a children’s play area with traditional wooden swings, seesaws, etc. Events are frequently held at the fort and heritage area.

On the other side, small stalls sell goods and food during festivals and events.

Nearby are two souq areas built in a traditional style, with shops and coffee houses inside.

al dhaid souq - souq al shari'at

A good time to visit is late afternoon when the weather becomes cooler. (Remember, inland is hotter but drier, so there is no or little humidity.)

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Disclosure: When you make a booking or purchase through links on this site, I may earn commission from partners at no extra cost to you. This helps me to build the site and bring you more great posts!

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Al Dhaid Fort Timings

Sat-Thur 8am-8pm, Fri 4-8pm

Al Dhaid Fort Entrance Fee:


Al Dhaid Fort Location

Police roundabout at the top of Al Dhaid/Airport Rd/E88. Drive up Al Dhaid Rd (E88) until you get to the end and you’ll see the fort on your left. Do a U-turn at the roundabout.

From the east, either go down the old road through Masafi and through Al Dhaid (pass the fountain roundabout and Sharjah media tower, turn left at the roundabout with the mosque and lots of flags.

Next, turn right at the next roundabout and it’s on your right or go down Khor Fakkan road and take the exit to Al Dhaid until you get to a big roundabout with lots of flags in the town and turn left.

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Al Dhaid, Sharjah Central Region

Al Dhaid is located in Sharjah Central Region and is the second biggest city in the emirate. It is also home to Sharjah Safari Park and Al Dhaid Wildlife Centre.

Noticeable buildings in Al Dhaid are the Sharjah Media Building, the University of Sharjah Al Dhaid campus and numerous large mosques.

If you’ve driven through Al Dhaid in the past, you may wonder where it suddenly came from but the ruins were blocked from view by the old police station.

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