Buhais Geology Park Sharjah

Buhais Geology Park building set in valley

Buhais Geology Park is a great family trip out. At the foot of Jebel Buhais, the park consists of several interactive exhibitions indoors and an outdoor trail where you can see different types of rock, fossils, tombs and a great view over the plains and learn about the geology of UAE.

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Buhais Geology Park

Do you often go for hikes, walks or long drives through the mountains in the UAE? If so, a visit to this Sharjah Geology Park will answer questions you might have had about the formations and the different colours and textures of rocks and mountains.

The centre, designed by Hopkins Architects, consists of five interconnecting pods clad in steel. The inspiration for the design was sea urchin fossils found in abundance in the area. Their colours reflect those which are found naturally in the area.

buhais geology park pods

Respecting the local environment, the pre-fabricated pods sit slightly above the ground to avoid disturbing local flora and fauna.

Buhais Geological Park – Hall 1

Hall 1 tells the history of the land surface on the earth, for example, tectonic plate movements and the geological timeline, looking at the different areas of Sharjah emirate, which stretch from west across to the east, and from the northern border with Musandam to the southern border of mainland Oman.

Buhais Geological Park – Hall 2

Hall 2 has a lot of interactive exhibits explaining different rock types and formations, types of sand and dunes. It also shows how alluvial plains formed and discusses climate change, fossils and more.

There are a variety of interactive stations and something for every age. A visit here is great to supplement school learning and homeschooling.

Geology Park Outdoor Trail

The last part is the outdoor trail through Bronze Age tombs (Wadi Suq period) and several different rock formations.

bronze age tombs at buhais archaeology park(1)

If you’ve ever wondered where to see fossils in UAE, look out for them embedded in the rocks along the way.

At the highest point, you have a view across Al Faya and Aqabah Mountains and, on the other side, across to the plains reaching over to the foot of the Hajar Mountains. You can rest on rock benches along the way and enjoy the view and the peaceful surroundings.

The exhibition is in English and Arabic and guides are available to give you a tour, or you can go by yourself. Sometimes, there might not be an English-speaking guide but you really don’t need one as the explanations in the exhibition are clear.

Once you’ve seen everything, you can have some hot or cold drinks and something to eat in the cafe with a view of Jebel Buhais.

In the winter, you might choose to have a picnic on the plains nearby, watch birds, butterflies and spot different animal and bird trails in the sand.

Unfortunately it’s not as easy as it was to find a spot as many areas are now being fenced off. Al Faya desert nearby is another option.

The climate is different inland. It’s about five degrees  (C) cooler than coast in the winter and five degrees hotter in the summer, but it’s a much drier heat which makes it a nice option for late afternoon in the summer months.

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Buhais Geology Park Ticket Prices

  • Adults AED 10.5
  • Children up to 12, Senior citizens 60+, People of determination and one carer – free
  • School/university trips 2 and 5dhs per student respectively
Buhais Geology Park Ticket Prices

Buhais Geology Park Timings

  • Sun-Thurs 9am-7:30pm
  • Fri 2pm-7:30pm
  • Sat 11am-7:30pm
  • Tuesday closed.
  • Buhais Geological Park timings may differ during Ramadan and Eid but these are usually posted on EPAA Shj social media.


Buhais Geology Park Accessibility

Buhais Geology Park is mostly wheelchair accessible. The outdoor trail has a wheelchair-accessible path going directly to the peak but you can do around 2/3s of the trail before getting to steps and turning back.

All EPAA Shj centres are accessible to People of Determination and free of charge with a POD card.

(For those outside the UAE, People of Determination is the positive term used in the UAE instead of the negative terms disabled or handicapped.)

Prayer and ablution rooms are available.

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Buhais Geology Park Sharjah FAQs

  • What is the Buhais Geological Park ticket price? Adults AED 10.5, children up to 12, UAE resident senior citizens 60+, People of determination and one carer – free – EID/POD card may be required
  • What are the Buhais Geological Park timings? Sun-Thurs 9am-7:30pm, Fri 2pm-7:30pm, Sat 11am-7:30pm, closed Tuesday
  • Are school/university trips  to Sharjah Geology Park possible? Yes, the price is 2dhs and 5dhs per student respectively
  • Where can I see fossils in the UAE? At Buhais Geology Park. You can also see them on display at The Natural History Museum at Sharjah Desert Park
  • What is the correct name? Is it Buhais Geology Park, Buhais Geological Park, Sharjah Geology Park or Sharjah Geological Park? The correct name is Buhais Geology Park
  • In which emirate is Buhais Geology Park? Sharjah (Central Region)
  • Is Buhais Geology Park worth visiting? I think so! Have a read of the post to decide for yourself.
  • Where can I learn about UAE geology? At Buhais Geology Park. The Natural History Museum at Sharjah Desert Park would also be worth visiting.
  • Where is Sharjah Geology Park? It’s at Buhais, in Sharjah Central Region, between Madam and Mleiha.
  • When did Buhais Geology Park open? In January 2020

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