Mleiha Archeoligical Centre

Mleiha offers stunning scenery from mesmerising rock formations, rolling sand dunes, desert meeting mountain to sandy plains and lush gardens.

Discover Mleiha has long been one of my favourite places and should be on everyone’s must do list. There really is something for everyone there.

Journey back in time, try out the great activities Discover Mleiha offers, or just take it easy in the bistro and take in the view.

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Mleiha Archaeology

Archaeological sites from the Palaeolithic Period, 130,000 years ago, onwards are scattered around the area. You can take a walk up to the caves which were used in the Stone, Iron and Bronze Ages as well as Faya Cave which has been used by hundreds of generations. In the Ice Age it provided shelter.

(If you are surprised at mention of the Ice Age in the Gulf, make sure to visit the Natural History Museum at Sharjah Desert Park.)

In front of the visitor centre, you can also find the restored tomb dating back 4000 years to the Bronze Age.

Although information boards can be found at most sites, include a visit to the museum at Discover Mleiha Visitor Centre where some of the artefacts discovered are on display.

There are also archaeological sites across the main road, such as, Mleiha Fort and the horse cemetery. The digs around Mleiha were carried out by teams from Australia, Spain and the UAE amongst others.

If you would like to know more about archaeological sites and finds in the emirate of Sharjah, visit the Museum of Archaeology in Sharjah for Gulf coast history and Hisn Museum in Khor Fakkan for east coast history, including Kalba, Dibba al Hisn and Wadi al Helo.)

Discover Mleiha Activities

Discover Mleiha provide all sorts of interesting and exciting activities to try. You can camp in the desert right at the foot of the mountains in tents set up ready for you and add in trekking, a barbeque, stargazing, and post-sunrise walk breakfast.

Their camps are more traditional than the popular desert safaris elsewhere so if you’re looking for something quieter and authentic, this one is for you.

Book Discover Mleiha camp here

You might like to add on horse-riding or a dune buggy adventure. If you don’t want to stay over, you might prefer to go for the Sunset Lounge package.

Book Discover Mleiha Sunset Lounge here

What other activities do they have to offer? – dune-bashing, dune buggies a pretty amazing UniMog that takes kids (yes, adults can go too) on a desert ride (see workshops.) You can also join a tour up to Camel Rock or Fossil Rock to watch the sunset.

Book Discover Mleiha Sunset Lounge here

If you’re an experienced rider, you can book a hack through the dunes. If you’re not, you can sign up for a beginner’s session in the arena.

There are several workshops you can attend, aimed at children but adults can attend too. They start off in the centre and then take a field trip to look for fossils, flints or wildlife.

Participants learn about palaeontology,  geology, astronomy or the local flora and fauna. There are different packages available and you need to book in advance.

While the young ones are busy studying dinosaur bones, making their own fossils or learning survival skills, you can relax in the Bistro with a delicious smoothie, juice, golden latte, cake or even a meal and you can enjoy a beautiful relaxing view either indoors or outdoors.

Discover Mleiha’s most recent addition is glamping. It looks gorgeous so do check it out.

I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time whatever you choose to do!

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