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Khatt, Ras al Khaimah

Khatt has been well-known for many years for its hot springs and a hotel and spa providing some treatments are built next to them. The pools can be accessed through the hotel for a charge of around 50 dhs.

The village itself is believed to have been inhabited over a few thousand years with evidence being found from different eras including the Stone Age, Umm al Nar and Wadi Suq (Bronze Age periods). Burj al Naqbi, the tower which still stands in the village, was built in 1880. The Naqbis were one of the main tribes settling in Khatt. Nearby is also a mud watchtower.


Going up the mountain behind Khatt village feels a bit like going on a trip to the moon at some parts when you see the craters and deep gulleys with smooth plateaus at the top.

The drive starts just before the Golden Tulip hotel and really needs a 4WD/AWD although I’ve seen a sedan coming down. Whilst some parts of the road are smooth and fairly flat, most parts are rocky and some steep with tight bends. It’s also one way much of the way with no way to pass.

You can see a couple of farms and houses in the distance on that and the view over Khatt and interesting rock formations.
Once you get to the top of that mountain (or hill), you can continue down the other side. You can see that road in one of the photos. There is an area down there you can camp. Beyond that there is also Yahyah village.

From the peak there is also another route to the left you can go back and come out beyond the hotel although it seems it is not always open.

Around Khatt


Habhab which belongs to Fujairah is nearby and has an interesting restored fort and a watchtower under restoration.

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