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Rams Ras al Khaimah

Published 3/20, updated 30/3/24, last visited 28/3/24

Rams lies to the north of the city of Ras al Khaimah and relied on fishing and pearling in the past. I always find it a very peaceful place and a welcome break from the city. You can still see many fishing boats going out today and Al Suwaidi Pearl Farm is flourishing.

Head over to the newly developed corniche for views of the harbour, drive around the town and look out for old buildings and watchtowers, visit the Museum of Beautiful Time and take a walk along the mangroves and look out for the myriad species of birds around, especially during the migratory season.

View of bay over Rams with fishing boats in foreground and mountains in background

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Suwaidi Pearl Farm

Don’t miss the relaxing and scenic boat trip around the coast and the visit to Al Suwaidi Pearl Farm where you’ll be surprised just how much there is to know about pearl farming. (Advance booking required) See more of Al Suwaidi Pearl Farm.

al suwaidi pearl farm Ras al Khaimah UAE

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The harbour and old town

The corniche is fairly long and has some very scenic views looking over the mountains and reflections. We’ve taken boat trips here late afternoon when the fishermen have finished their working day. it’s not an official thing and they’re probably not supposed to but, you know…

view of Rams bay and corniche from pier with mountaisn in background

On Rams Corniche there is an old house that I always love to look at it as we pass. In the mid 20th century, Al Salah Al Tunaiji was in charge and this was his house but they were ousted in 1958 when Rams was taken and apparently it lay empty from that day.

ruins of n Emirati house

I got talking to a local lady who told me the sheikh lived there when she was a baby and she pointed out the majlis and other rooms. A local friend told me how her father-in-law had been imprisoned in the cell there.

It’s always interesting to stand and look at such buildings and wonder about those who lived there and the goings on in the house.

You can find many interesting old buildings around Rams and many of the local people have asked for them to be left and restored rather than being razed. A few of them are still inhabited or used by families, but most are either ruins or are inhabited by labourers.

Al Dhayah Fort

On the opposite side of the town, the early 19th century Al Dhayah Fort perches upon a hilltop

Once you climb up the 200 or so steps, the top offers fabulous views across the whole town and the plains and down to the archaeological sites below.

view over Rams from al dhaya fort

The fort was the last point of resistance when the village was attacked by the British in 1819. Despite the strong resistance, nearly 800 villagers were taken.

Behind the fort lie the Hajar Mountains with their mesmerising rock formations and the sandy plains below.

view of plain and mountain from al dhaya fort

Rams Mangroves

This is a nice spot for a walk, picnic or birdwatching. The mangroves are part of Hilalah Protected Area.

A view of mangroves, still sea and mountains
 in the background with a reflection

Al Soraya Beach

This is a popular spot for day trippers and campers. A ban was implemented on camping but it seems that’s been halted. The beach is on an island and has plenty room making it easy to find your own private spot.

wide expanse of nearly empty beach

Museum of Beautiful Time

Museum of Beautiful Time is a private museum in Rams. Outside are replicas of Burj Khalifa and the Eiffel Tower amongst other things. It occasionally changes.

When you walk through the door inside a mock-up of a Polaroid camera, you’ll be taken back in time by collections of old cameras, telephones, weapons, photos, coins, and many other things.

Amazingly, you’ll also find architectural artefacts like ancient shards of pottery and bronze arrow heads! (It’s not uncommon to find such things in private museums in the UAE.)

If you go after 4pm, the caretaker should be there to let you in until 8pm. Even if you just drive by, it’s an interesting stop. On Google Maps it’s listed under Rams Museum.

More photos around Rams Ras Al Khaimah

Rams has lots to offer from a beautiful beach, history, boat trips and nature. You can quite easily spend a whole day in Rams. Have fun exploring!

How to get to Rams – take either the E611 and follow signs for Ras al Khaimah, then look out for the turn off to Al Rams and Oman shortly before RAK. Or use my map

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