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Jebel Jais

Jebel Jais

Jebel Jais is best known as the highest peak in the UAE and home to the longest zip line in the world, Sky Flight. It’s much more than that though with stunning views and a variety of attractions. Read on to discover all the things to do in Jebel Jais.

Jebel Jais Sky Tour and Sky Flight

Jebel Jais Sky Flight is a single zip line and is 2.83kms long. You ‘fly’ in a horizontal position at speeds between 120 and 160 kph. If you go with a friend or partner, you can do it together.

jais sky flight Ras al Khaimah 
Credit: visit Jebel jaisIf that’s all a bit too thrilling for you, why not try the Sky Tour?

The Sky Tour is a series of 6 ziplines over 5 km. You’ll be ‘sitting’ in a harness and reach up to speeds of around 60kph. This option also includes a walk over the Sky Bridge with absolutely stunning views.

Sky Flight and Sky Tour Timings: Jais Sky Tour and Flight operates Wednesday to Sunday with the morning slot at 9:30 and other slots later in the afternoon. Advance booking for Jebel Jais zipline is required.

Jebel Jais Tour and Jebel Jais Flight Prices: Prices change according to season, day and available promotions. Check prices and book Jebel Jais flight tickets at the link below.

Buy tickets for Jebel Jais Sky Flight or Jebel Jais Sky Tour  or a combo of the two now

Jebel Jais Sledder

Tamer still is the Jebel Jais Sledder, the mountainside toboggan style ride but on rails. The Sledder ride will start by taking you up the mountainside at a leisurely pace allowing you to take in the view.

Just as you’re feeling nice and relaxed, you’ll suddenly shoot off down the slope at a speed of up to 40kph. However, it feels much faster as you speed around the hair-raising bends. You’ll probably scream all the way down and then jump back on for another go!

This ride is for anyone 3+ but if you have little ones, you may want to watch the cars coming down before deciding whether they would like it. (Mine wouldn’t have enjoyed it at the other but plenty of others seem to.)

Jais Sledder Ras al Khaimah

For the Sledder, there is no advance booking, so you have to buy the tickets at the location.

  • Jais Sledder Ticket Prices
  • Adults single ride – AED 45, three ride bundle – AED 100.
  • Adult and child single ride – AED 60, three ride bundle AED 120.
  • Children over 10 can ride alone, but there is no special price.
  • Jais Sledder Timings
  • Tues-Thurs: 12pm-6pm
  • Fri-Sun 11am-6pm
  • Ticket office closes between 4:30pm and 5pm.
  • Note: Last ride 5:30pm

If you’re looking for something calmer than all of these, then head to one of the hiking trails, the viewing deck or the cafes.

Jebel Jais Hiking

Trails range from easy to advanced. Further down the mountain are the Lower Trails, with several overlapping paths of varying levels. The longest is the Samar Trail at 6km and the shortest is Farfar Trail at 0.7km. See more on the Lower Trails here.

The Ghaf trail starts from the viewing deck and takes you up to Puro and the Sky Flight and Tour starting point. It’s around 4.3km. Shelters along the route make for great spots to stop and take in the view.

Advanced hikers can join trekking groups to do the Stairway to Heaven, starting in Wadi Ghalilah and reaching near the peak of Jebel Jais.

If you’re looking for a trail to do with young children, I’d recommend the Jebel Jais Lower Trails and follow one which is around the right length. You can see one of the trails I did on my hike map here on Wikiloc and also get directions to the starting point.

If you want to hike to the peak of Jebel Jais, you can do that from Wadi Ghalilah further north, but it is a difficult hike and should only be undertaken by experienced hikers and/or with a guide. See the companies mentioned lower down the page for organised hikes.

The really serious hikers can spend all year getting ready for the Highlander!

Camping on Jebel Jais

Jais Mountain is also a popular camping and picnic spot in Ras Al Khaimah. There are a few rest areas for camping or having a picnic on the way up. Most don’t have seating, so you need to have your own or a mat if you plan on stopping there. Some have toilets and there are some food trucks along the way too.

camping on jebel jais

Disclosure: When you make a booking or purchase through links on this site, I may earn commission from partners. This helps me to build the site and bring you more great posts!

Jebel Jais Viewing Deck and Food Outlets

Not far from the top is Jebel Jais viewing deck with a play area on one side and cafe trucks with seating on the other. There’s a small entrance fee of 5 dhs. Children under 5 go free.

The viewing deck park is also where the Jebel Jais Upper Trails start, with the simplest being easy-moderate. The same trail continues on to a higher peak. However, the view is well worth the effort.

Further up still is another area with more food trucks and rest places. One of the trucks sells delicious legemat, Emirati fried dough balls drizzled in date syrup. They’re just as gorgeous as the view!

legemat from jebel jais food trucks

Lower Jebel Jais

You don’t need to go right to the top for something to do as there are a lot of Jebel Jais attractions lower down and at the foot of the mountain. 

At the bottom of Jais Mountain, Challenging Adventure offers various activities for children and adults, including trekking, rock climbing, orienteering and camping. They also provide day and residential programmes for schools. Visit their website to find out more.

Adventurati is a fabulous outward-bound operator offering a wide range of activities, including hiking, canyoning, survival courses, overnight retreats with yoga at sunrise and much more.  Visit the Adventurati website to find out more.

Other outdoor companies providing things to in Jebel Jais are Beyond Action and Adventure Quest

Bear Grylls Explorer Camp

If you’re feeling like a challenge or want to do something different with your family, Bear Grylls Explorer Camp Jebel Jais can give you just that. The mountainous terrain is the perfect environment to learn survival skills and reconnect with nature.bear grylls camp rak photo credit: Visit Jebel jais

In their own words – “Bear Grylls and his team will unleash your forgotten wild spirit as you uncover your hidden compass and natural survival skills.”

Leave the devices at home, enjoy chatting around the campfire, spend the night in the basic camp cabins and disconnect from the noise of daily life.

Find out more about this and other activities, such as the Via Ferrata, and book here.

Jais Ropes Course

Jais Rope Course Ras al KhaimahIf you visited Jais Mountain a few years ago, you might have gone to the Sky Maze next to the Toroverde Centre. This frame, full of challenges, is now part of the ropes course halfway down the mountain. (The photo shows it at the top.)

Both children (6+) and adults can enjoy negotiating their way across and around the ropes, climbing boards, bike rails etc.

How to get to Jebel Jais

The only way to get to Jebel Jais is by car or motorbike (or bike if you’re fit enough!) After taking the exit from the E18, which is clearly marked , you’ll go through Wadi Shaha and Wadi Bih, passing a dam with a lake and some old ruins along the way. The road up to the top is long and winding but wide and well-paved.

Just make sure you remember to fill up your tank before turning off the highway, then sit back and enjoy the stunning views.

If you don’t have a car, the only options are renting one or taking a RAK taxi. You can get to Jebel Jais from Dubai by taking an intercity bus to RAK city then taking a taxi. If you’re staying at a hotel in Ras Al Khaimah, they may offer shuttle services or transfers.

(Note: there is now a new faster road and I’ll update this soon. This is also a nice route though and offers some scenic picnic  and camping spots.)

Buy tickets for Jebel Jais Sky Flight or Jebel Jais Sky Tour  or a combo of the two now

Places to stay near Jebel Jais and Where to stay in Ras Al Khaimah

The only options for places to stay at Jebel Jais at the moment are camping or registering with one of the activity programmes mentioned earlier. There are some exciting places to stay coming soon so be sure to check back later in the year.

Of course, there are also plenty of great places to stay in and around the city. Here are a few I’ve selected for you.

Luxury places to stay near Jebel Jais $$$

Moderate places to stay near Jebel Jais $$

Budget places to stay near Jebel Jais $

If you loved the Jebel Jais Zipline, you might also like to try the longest urban zipline in the world at Dubai Marina. See more of the Dubai Marina Zipline and book here.

What is the best time to visit Jebel Jais?

The best time to visit Jebel Jais is in the winter, but it can get very cold after the sun starts to go down. Although the temperature may not drop too much, the wind can be biting.

Many people camp on Jais mountain in the winter, so maybe I’m just a wimp who doesn’t like the cold! In any case, take a sweater or similar to keep warm after sunset.

You can also visit Jebel Jais in the summer for some relief from the heat, but it won’t be suitable weather for hiking.

When I went in July, the temperature at Jebel Jais around 33 degrees celsius, a relief from the 40s and humid! Winter temperatures are usually in the 20s during the day and teens at night but can also go lower.

Where to visit in Ras al Khaimah?

Visit these pages to find more interesting places in Ras Al Khaimah


This post was updated on 10 February 2023.


  • Is Jebel Jais worth visiting? – If you like adventure or just love to be in the mountains, then yes.
  • Does the Sky Flight and Sky Tour operate in the summer months? Yes, but at lower capacity and it’s usually cheaper. Look out for promotions.
  • Can I get to Jais without a car? – Only if your hotel provides a shuttle or you’re a mountain biker.
  • Can I cycle up Jebel Jais? Yes, some cycling events include Jebel Jais. You need to be pretty fit though.
  • How tall is Jebel Jais? Jebel Jais is 1,934 metres or 6345 feet high.
  • What is the name of the restaurant at the top of Jebel Jais? – Puro 1484
  • What is Jebel Jais temperature? It can go as low as freezing or a few degrees in the winter at night and up to the 30s in the summer. See more on Jebel Jais weather in the post
  • What is the Jebel Jais Zipline price? This can change according to time of year, day and any promotions. Check the price through the links in the post.

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