Wadi Shaam Ras al Khaimah

Wadi Shaam Ras al Khaimah

Wadi Shaam

Wadi Shaam is the most northerly area of the UAE and is home to lots of old settlements. Enjoy a walk through history and beautiful mountains.

Once you drive through the town of Al Jeer and past Wadi Shaam Dam, you’ll join a dirt track. Most vehicles can go on this track. (One of the routes to this point will take you past a giant Pikachu and a family of jolly penguins!)

There are several other areas with old settlements but this area is the easiest to access and with minimum bother to local residents.

Wadi Shaam

There is a clearing on the left where you can park and a small village just next to it. There are more houses, stores, etc. all along the road beyond that.

Down to the left is the wadi which you can hike through after exploring the first village. (Always check weather forecasts before venturing into wadis.

Advanced hikers can tackle the route up the mountain which takes you into Oman. (Please note this is a difficult hike and shouldn’t be taken without the required skills and preparation.)

On the coast, you can also visit Shaam Beach. Al Jeer Fort is nearby but there’s not really much to see and it’s not open to visitors. There are several restaurants and coffee shops in Shaam and Al Jeer.

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