• Best beaches in Ras Al Khaimah
    Best Beaches in Ras Al Khaimah There is no shortage of beautiful beaches in Ras Al Khaimah. With their crystal-clear turquoise waters, they offer a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. … Read more
  • Dibba Mountain Park and Resort, Fujairah
    Dibba Mountain Park and Resort, Fujairah Dibba Mountain Park and Resort is a fabulous new Fujairah destination with activities and chalets on the East Coast. With the backdrop of the Dibba Fujairah mountains and a … Read more
  • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi
    Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque The stunningly beautiful Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque took eleven years to build and first opened to visitors in 2007. The mosque’s architecture is a beautiful blend of various styles, including Fatimid, … Read more
  • How to plan your trip to Sharjah
    Helping you plan your trip to Sharjah! So, you’ve made the perfect decision to visit Sharjah, the cultural hub of the UAE! Fabulous! Now, let me help you with all you need to plan your … Read more
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    Are you wondering what to do in the school holidays? UAE has lots to offer! Or maybe you’re just looking for fun children’s activities any time of the year? There are so many things to … Read more
  • The Dubai Frame
    The Dubai Frame  The Dubai Frame is a remarkable architectural landmark among Dubai’s many new attractions. As the world’s largest frame, this beautiful structure offers marvellous views of the city. About Dubai Frame Dubai Frame … Read more
  • The Resistance Monument, Khor Fakkan Sharjah
    Resistance Monument Khor Fakkan What is the Resistance Monument in Khor Fakkan? Read on to discover the background. In 1507, the Portuguese army attacked Khor Fakkan, a coastal town in the east. However, the local … Read more
  • Souq Al Jubail Sharjah
    Souq Al Jubail Sharjah Souq Al Jubail Sharjah deserves a visit from those who love to explore traditional markets, buy fresh food and experience authentic local culture. So let’s take a closer look at what … Read more
  • Exploring Sharjah – fascinating tours and itineraries 2023
    Exploring Sharjah Sharjah is full of beautiful and fascinating places and the best way to see some of them is on a walking tour. This handy guide gives you 12 different tours of varying lengths … Read more
  • Al Dhafra Festival Abu Dhabi
    Al Dhafra Festival About Al Dhafra Al Dhafra is one of the three main regions in the emirate of Abu Dhabi and also the biggest. As it lies to the west, it is also known … Read more
  • Wadi Shaam Ras al Khaimah
    Wadi Shaam Wadi Shaam is the most northerly area of the UAE and is home to lots of old settlements. Enjoy a walk through history and beautiful mountains. Once you drive through the town of … Read more
  • 5 Best Places to visit in Al Dhaid, Sharjah Central Region
    5 Best Places to Visit in Al Dhaid Al Dhaid is the main town in Sharjah Central Region and there are lots of plans to develop it. For now, these are 5 Best Places to … Read more
  • Sharjah Annual Events
    A quick rundown of Sharjah annual events, fairs and festivals you can expect to see throughout the year. These dates can change and are meant as a guideline. Please refer to official sources in links … Read more
  • Cute Places to stay in UAE
    Looking for cute places to stay in UAE? Want something a bit different? Take a look at some of these great and unique places to stay in UAE. Cute places to stay in UAE Al … Read more
  • Al Nahwa – an enclave in an exclave
    The enclave of Nahwa belongs to Sharjah and can be found in the Omani exclave of the UAE.
  • Dibba Al Hisn
    Dibba Al Hisn is a small enclave of Sharjah nestled between Dibba Fujairah and Dibba Oman on the northeastern coast. It has a very small population and two main roads. On one of them, one … Read more
  • Off Road History Museum
    The Off Road History Museum in Al Madam, Sharjah is an incredible place for any car enthusiast to visit. There is a wide range of cars and trucks of different makes and models, some more … Read more
  • Hiking in the UAE 2023
    Hiking in the UAE If you want to go hiking in the UAE, there are many places to go, from well-laid out and marked trails to challenging unmarked ones. Popular ones with families are Shawka, … Read more
  • Masfoot
    Masfoot is one of those places I go back to again and again. Lying on plains between rugged mountains, it has beautiful views, lots of fresh, clean air and a relaxed pace of life! It … Read more
  • 17 Best Places to Visit in Summer in UAE with Kids
    With the very hot weather and high humidity, indoor locations are the best places to visit in summer in UAE. Most of these are cheap and some of them are free for children and resident … Read more
  • 25 Places Senior Citizens get free entry in UAE!
    25 Places Senior Citizens get Free Entry in UAE Senior citizens are defined in the UAE as those 60 years old or above and there are a few places where they can enjoy free entry. Usually, a companion is also … Read more
  • Masfout Museum
    Masfout Museum stands high up on the rocky hill overlooking the fertile plains, where Masfout Fort was well-positioned to spot any unwanted visitors coming to attack, mostly bandits. Higher still on the hill opposite is … Read more
  • Qasr al Watan – Palace of the Nation
    Qasr Al Watan Qasr Al Watan is rather deceiving from the outside as although its traditional architectural style and gentle colours are beautiful in their simplicity, entering the Presidential Palace is rather like opening a … Read more
  • Al Dhaid Fort, Sharjah Central Region
    Al Dhaid Fort is the latest of Sharjah’s exciting heritage projects and I was very impressed with it! This is one to add to your list of places to visit in Sharjah! First constructed over … Read more
  • Dibba Musandam Oman
    Dibba Musandam is a little bit of paradise within easy reach of the UAE. So if you’re looking for a tranquil escape with some adventure, this is one for you. I went on two different … Read more
  • Madha
    Madha Oman A trip to Madha Oman always makes me feel like I’m going back in time. Between the narrow, winding streets, the goats roaming everywhere, the old coral walls and the colourful designs on … Read more
  • Who is behind Glimpses of the UAE?
    I’ve been saying for so long I’ll introduce myself properly to let you know who is behind Glimpses of the UAE and so here I am finally getting round to it! Who is behind Glimpses … Read more
  • Look Down by Jago
    Look Down by Jago is a marble sculpture of a child in foetal position by Italian artist. It was originally placed in Naples, Italy just over a year ago and had a chain attached.  It … Read more
  • Places to visit in Al Ain
    Al Ain is known as the Garden City, come and find out why by visiting the best places to visit in Al Ain. Although it had been many years since I last visited,  I found … Read more
  • Bithna Fort, Nature Trail and Hiking
    Bithna Fort Bithna Fort is an 18th-century fort which had a very strategic location on one of the main trade routes. The area was much fought over not only by local tribes but also by … Read more
  • 50 Places to Visit in the UAE
    Watch the video to see 50 places to visit in the UAE in 50 seconds Tap/click links below for more info on 50 places to visit in the UAE – Northern Emirates 1) Khor Kalba … Read more
  • Why does the UAE need rain?
    Why does the UAE need rain and what is the prayer for rain? What is the prayer for rain? You may have read about the rain prayer being called for or you may have wondered … Read more
  • Overnight stays, Experiences and Activities in the UAE
    A new feature just started is our listings pages of different types of overnight stays just as farmstays, hiking base camps, glamping, lodges and resthouses and also of experiences and activities. Some of these have … Read more
  • National Museum of Ras Al Khaimah
    National Museum of Ras Al Khaimah Ras Al Khaimah Museum gives an excellent insight into the local history and offers a little haven of tranquillity in the inner courtyard. After its early role as a … Read more
  • Arabic Architecture in Sharjah
    Arabic Architecture in Sharjah The beautiful and exquisite Arabic architecture in Sharjah is not something to be missed. All government buildings across the emirate are designed using principles of Arabic and Islamic architecture. As you … Read more
  • Museum of Islamic Civilization
    Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization opened in 2008 in what was formerly Souq Al Majarra. The building itself is worthy of a visit alone for its beautiful Islamic architecture and minute details. Be sure to … Read more
  • Ajman Heritage District
    Ajman Heritage District is a lovely, tranquil place to wander around, admire the murals of scenes of traditional life, explore Ajman Fort and stop off for tea, Emirati breakfast or even Viking fine dining! Ajman … Read more
  • Khatt, Ras al Khaimah
    Khatt has been well-known for many years for its hot springs and a hotel and spa providing some treatments are built next to them. The pools can be accessed through the hotel for a charge … Read more
  • Al Ghayl, Adhen, Wadi Al Aim and Kub
    Al Ghayl is where desert meets mountains with striking scenery, and is one for the off-road lovers. If you enter from the Manama-RAK rd (E18), you can go off road a few kilometres before the … Read more
  • Al Marsa, Ajman
    Al Marsa Ajman comes alive in the late afternoon and evening as people visit restaurants and coffee shops, walk or jog around the corniche and children play on go-karts and bikes which you can rent … Read more
  • Sharjah Centre for Astronomy and Space Sciences
    Sharjah Centre for Astronomy and Space Sciences, often referred to as Sharjah Planetarium, houses several fascinating exhibits such as lunar vehicles, the solar system and other things related to the universe and space science. It … Read more
  • Umm al Quwain
    Umm Al Quwain has several beaches with the most popular being the one where the Kite Beach Centre is located. The centre itself has cabanas, beach tents, beach chairs, a restaurant, etc and charges an … Read more
  • Umm al Quwain Museum
    Umm al Quwain Museum was once Umm Al Quwain Fort and home to the ruling family and then a police station. It now houses displays that include everyday items from traditional life, weapons and archeological … Read more
  • Friday Market, Masafi
    At the Friday Market in Masafi, you can find many different shops and goods sold here, such as plants and trees, fruit and vegetables, carpets, traditional furniture, colourful sets for tea and Arabic coffee, toys. … Read more
  • Al Hamriya Beach
    Al Hamriya Beach is divided into two parts, the beach park and the open beach, both with beautiful white sand, free of charge and easily accessible from early morning till late at night. The beach … Read more
  • Sharjah Natural History Museum and Islamic Botanic Gardens
    Sharjah Natural History and Botanical Museum and the Islamic Botanic Gardens are so often forgotten and yet well worth a visit! Located in Sharjah Desert Park along with the Arabian Wildlife Centre and Children’s Farm, … Read more
  • Sharjah Science Museum
    Sharjah Science Museum is yet another fun and educational place with many interactive learning stations where children can learn about different aspects of science such as electricity, how the body works, etc. Sharjah Science Museum … Read more
  • Buhais Geology Park Sharjah
    Buhais Geology Park is a great family trip out. At the foot of Jebel Buhais, the park consists of several interactive exhibitions indoors and an outdoor trail where you can see different types of rock, … Read more
  • The Rain Room
    The Rain Room The Rain Room is a permanent art installation. It has sensors to turn the water off in specific areas so you don’t really get wet. Book online in advance. For more info … Read more
  • Wasit Wetlands
    Wasit Wetlands are located on the Sharjah-Ajman border and are home to over 200 species of birds as well as gazelles. There are also a number of interactive displays for children. Please see full article … Read more
  • Al Qasba
    Al Qasba can go from a peaceful spot to wander and sit and enjoy the view in the daytime to a hive of activity in the evening. Either side of the canal are identical buildings … Read more
  • Sharjah Art Area
    Wander through the old traditional buildings of Sharjah Art Area housing various kinds of art exhibitions, some by international artists. Visit Bait al Shamsi, Bait Serkal, Emirates Fine Arts Society and the Art Museum. Many … Read more
  • Al Noor Island and Butterfly House
    Al Noor Island is quite magical with its lush greenery, exquisite Butterfly Pavillion, beautiful butterflies and colourful night lighting. It is home to a small meadow, cactus garden, maze, several floss trees as well as … Read more
  • Rafisa Dam
    Rafisa Dam is a great family location with play areas, affordable kayaking, doughnut and paddle boats, a lovely walk on the other side of the dam, seating areas and a restaurant, there’s plenty to do. … Read more
  • Flower Farm, Asima
    The Flower Farm is a private farm but opens to the public from November to March. You can buy both fresh and dried flowers there. There is now an admission fee of 15dhs over the … Read more
  • Classic Car Museum Sharjah
    Sharjah Classic Car Museum is definitely one for you if you love old cars or have children who are learning about transport at school, this is one to add to your list with cars of … Read more
  • Mleiha
    Mleiha offers stunning scenery from mesmerising rock formations, rolling sand dunes, desert meeting mountain to sandy plains and lush gardens. Discover Mleiha has long been one of my favourite places and should be on everyone’s … Read more
  • Mahatta Museum
    Al Mahatta Museum is great for students learning about transport or the science of flight and is also an excellent resource for learning the recent history of Sharjah. The Mahatta museum building is in fact … Read more
  • Islamic World Garden
    Learn about Muslim scholars of the past by walking through the Islamic World Garden outside Sharjah University City. Sixteen granite monuments each tell the story of a different Muslim scholar and their contributions to the … Read more
  • Manar Mall Promenade
    A nice stop off and popular photo spot if you’re in Ras al Khaimah. The mall itself has a variety of shops, a play area and cinema. the food court has an outdoor terrace as … Read more
  • Fujairah Grand Mosque
    Fujairah Grand Mosque with its breathtaking architecture is the second largest in the UAE and offers free guided tours where you can explore the exquisite interior too. It was designed by Malaysian architects in the … Read more
  • Manama – Red and White Forts and Museum Park
    Manama, Ajman, UAE Many people are surprised to know that Ajman has two enclaves inland. One of them is Manama which sits on the plains at the foot of the Hajar Mountains. When pearl trading … Read more
  • Fujairah Adventure Park
    At Fujairah Adventure Park, there’s lots going on! From mountain bike trails, hiking trails, dirt jumps, skateboarding, archery or just drinking coffee and enjoying the view. They now also have camping huts available with barbecue … Read more
  • Jebel Jais Lower Trails
    There are several trails which overlap. The Asbaq is suitable for families with the children but the side of the Teen trail nearest the road has paths near a steep edge so maybe not best … Read more
  • Bidya Hiking Trail (Fujairah Adventures)
    Bidya Hiking Trail, created by Fujairah Adventures, is nice, easy and short and you can combine it with something else you’re doing nearby. Without stops, it will take 30-45 minutes moving time but no doubt … Read more
  • Heart of Sharjah
    The Heart of Sharjah is the oldest part of the city and such a quiet haven, you’ll often forget you’re even in a city. It is home to several museums – Heritage, Calligraphy, Bait al … Read more
  • Corniche al Qawasim, Ras al Khaimah
    Part of Ras al Khaimah city sits between the mangroves.The views from Corniche al Qawasim are both beautiful and tranquil. There’s a jogging track as well as a normal walkway and you can rent scooters … Read more
  • Khor Kalba Mangrove Centre
    Khor Kalba Mangrove Centre Ten years after being closed to the public, Khor Kalba Mangrove Centre has made it possible for visitors to visit the mangroves once again. The area is still restricted and you … Read more
  • Sharjah Central Region
    Sharjah Central Region is great for exploring! Lots of interesting places and the weather is drier so great for the summer! Here are a few ideas below for you until I find time to update … Read more
  • Glimpses of the UAE
    Come on in and discover the emirates beyond Dubai and Abu Dhabi, revisit those old favourites and discover some of the UAE’s hidden gems.
  • Jebel Jais Ras Al Khaimah (2023)
    Jebel Jais Jebel Jais is best known as the highest peak in the UAE and home to the longest zip line in the world, Sky Flight. It’s much more than that though with stunning views … Read more
  • House of Wisdom, Sharjah
    The House of Wisdom is a wonderful place to study, work or just read. You can’t yet borrow, but there are many comfortable places to sit with a book. Take your pick – a desk, … Read more
  • Traditional Crafts Museum, Khor Fakkan
    Take a stroll back through time in this small well set out museum and see how trades and every day tasks were carried out in the past and how the local people lived. The museum … Read more
  • Falaj Al Mualla Fort
    Falaj Al Mualla is a quiet oasis town in the Umm Al Quwain desert. The fort is nearly 200 years old and overlooks the sand dunes where more watchtowers stand higher up and offering a … Read more
  • Tayyibah Heritage Museum
    Tayyibah Heritage Museum has to have one of the best locations of museums here, set at the edge of a village in the Hajar mountains overlooking farms and itself in lush green grounds. Walking through … Read more
  • Awhala Fort
    Awhala Fort is on a hidden plain between the Hajar mountains in Southern Fujairah. Although the main part of the fort couldn’t be dated, the locals believe it has been there for around 250 years. … Read more
  • Wadi Al Helo
    Wadi Al Helo is one of Sharjah’s several enclaves. Just off the old Kalba Road, the valley lies on the old caravan trade route and has applied to be listed as a UNESCO Heritage Site … Read more
  • Ras Al Khaimah Fine Arts Festival at Jazeera Al Hamra
    Ras al Khaimah Fine Arts Festival Take a trip up to Jazeera Al Hamra to see the RAK Fine Arts Festival, or RAKFAF, held each spring in the fort and old village. What a great … Read more
  • Walks away from the city and in town UAE
    If you’re looking for walks away from the city, the number of places to walk and exercise outdoors is increasing all the time. There are many with great views too. This is not a complete … Read more
  • Rams Ras Al Khaimah
    Rams lies to the north of the city of Ras al Khaimah and relied on fishing and pearling in the past. You can still see many fishing boats going out today and Al Suwaidi Pearl … Read more
  • Al Tawyeen Heritage Village
    Al Tawyeen Heritage Village in northwest Fujairah is a nice little stop on the way to or from Dibba if you’re taking Shohada Rd. It has several small buildings of different olden styles and small … Read more
  • Kalba
    Kalba, Emirate of Sharjah Kalba has much to offer the nature lover, with several diverse habitats for its size – mountains, plains with acacia forests, mangroves, beaches, lakes, marshes and palm groves. It has long … Read more
  • Kalba Mountain Conservation Centre and Bird of Prey Centre
    Kalba Mountain Conservation Centre and Bird of Prey Centre are just two of the many protected areas in the emirate of Sharjah where a lot of importance is placed on conservation. Al Hefaiyah Mountain Conservation … Read more
  • Khor Fakkan, Sharjah
    Khor Fakkan has always been a favourite place for a nice little getaway but if you haven’t been for a while, you might be surprised at what’s new and also at parts you just never … Read more
  • Al Suwaidi Pearl Farm, Ras al Khaimah
    Al Suwaidi Pearl Farm is the only one of its kind in the Middle East and was set up 17 years ago by Abdulla Al Suwaidi, the grandson of one of the last pearl divers, … Read more
  • Wadi Ghalilah
    The picturesque valley of Wadi Ghalila lies not far from the Oman border and is surrounded by the beautiful rock formations of that area, in particular the beautiful striped mountains with layers of varying colours … Read more
  • Al Zorah, Ajman
    Al Zorah is home to the Oberoi, camp sites, golf club, a marina, a battle park, watersports centre, kids’ water fun, boat rides, walk way and a million square foot mangrove forest and nature reserve, … Read more
  • Jazeera al Hamra, the old (and allegedly haunted) village
    Jazeera al Hamra, Red Island, might seem a misnomer as the land where the village lies is a few hundred feet from the coast but it was originally a tidal island and home to a … Read more
  • Wadi Shees
    Wadi Shees nestles between the Hajar Mountains and a drive down can lead you in different directions, but all to the Omani enclave of Madha. Wadi Shees The wadi is now much more accessible from … Read more
  • Al Rabi Tower, Khor Fakkan
    Al Rabi Tower is a great Khor Fakkan viewpoint, the starting point of the Rabi Hiking Trail, the site of a cafe where you can enjoy the view over breakfast or at any time of … Read more
  • Ajman Museum and Fort
    Ajman Museum is often overlooked but it is well worth a visit. The fort which is home to the museum was built in the 18th century and was the sheikh’s residence for most of that … Read more
  • Al Miqsar Village
    Update 2021: The village has undergone many changes since this post. It is currently being turned into a hotel. The village also has houses, stores, and a mosque all built of rock and clay. The … Read more
  • RAK Nature’s Treasures
    RAK Nature’s Treasures is housed on a farm right in the middle of the farming area of Ras al Khaimah. Once you turn off the main road, the drive there is a treat in itself, … Read more
  • Al Hayl Fort and Square
    Nestled in the Hajar mountains, Al Hayl Fort is often missed by tourists and residents alike. The fortified courtyard house was originally built in the time of Sheikh Hamad bin Abdullah Al Sharqi, who ruled … Read more
  • Umm Al Quwain Mangrove Forest
    Umm Al Quwain Mangrove Forest is one for if you are like me and enjoy walking on a natural surface surrounded by nature, or if you enjoy bird-watching. You can walk, cycle or drive the … Read more
  • The Governor’s Palace, Masafi Ras Al Khaimah
    A little known treasure in Masafi is the Governor’s Palace not far from the fort. It lies within the Fujairah territory of Masafi and was home to Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad al Sharqi although it … Read more
  • Old Souqs in Sharjah
    Old Souqs in Sharjah Have you visited the old souqs in Sharjah? If you love searching for old treasures and you love retro, Souq al Arsah and Masqoof is for you. (currently closed for restoration … Read more
  • Rock Formations around Taween Fujairah
    The rock formations around Taween are quite mesmerising. Head towards Dibba on the E87. Take the turn off to Taween on the side of the road coming from Dibba. (If you enter at 25.5307729,56.1166536, it … Read more
  • The Ajman Murals Project
    In 2017 The Ajman Murals Project was launched by Ajman Municipality and Planning Department. They can be found at various locations around Ajman, but all in close proximity. The Ajman Murals Project By French artist … Read more
  • How to make legemat
    How to make Legemat at home! Legemat How to make legemat (small sweet dumplings) Ingredients 2 cups of plain flour 11g yeast pinch of sugar pinch of salt 1/2tsp cardamom powder Pinch of saffron 1.5 … Read more