Al Noor Island and Butterfly House

Noor Island

Al Noor Island is quite magical with its lush greenery, exquisite Butterfly Pavillion, beautiful butterflies and colourful night lighting.

It is home to a small meadow, cactus garden, maze, several floss trees as well as many others. You will notice some trees with a label that say ‘I was saved’. These were trees that were saved from being cut down.

The island also has various art pieces, a literature pavilion where you can sit and read to your heart’s content, fossils and a play areas for children with wooden frames and ropes to climb on and swing on from in keeping with the natural environment.

Of course, the butterfly house shouldn’t be missed. You will find a variety of butterflies flying around the temperature controlled area and will see cocoons at different stages. Depending when you go, you may see caterpillars.

Cocoons are flown in every two weeks. If you would like to see caterpillars, it might be best to check with them when it is best to visit.

The Butterfly House

The butterfly house is within a beautiful golden structure, The Butterfly Pavilion, which has won multiple international awards for Architecture and Design whilst the island itself has also won numerous prestigious international awards.

If you would like to know more about the design of the building, this is an interesting read.

Outside the butterfly house there is a cafe which serves delicious snacks and drinks. You can also book a Dining in the Bay experience in advance.

Entrance and activities

Admission to the island is 35 dhs (20 for children 3-12) and 15dhs (10dhs for children) to the Butterfly House (Combined ticket available for 2 for 1 in The Entertainer).

You may be interested in extra activities such as Yoga at Sunrise (ladies only), Junior Butterfly Keeper, Skywatchers after sunset. You can find more details of these and Dining in the Bay on their website.

As the island is often used for private events, it is recommended to call or email before your planned visit to make sure they are open.

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Al Noor Island

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