Al Qasba

Al Qasba Canal Sharjah

Al Qasba in Sharjah can go from a peaceful spot to wander and sit and enjoy the view in the daytime to a hive of activity in the evening.

Al Qasba Gardens, Sharjah

On either side of the canal are identical buildings using beautiful Islamic architecture. Both house restaurants, cafes and bookshops; one has an art gallery and musical centre, a business centre and the other a theatre.

As well as the beautiful gardens and a painted bridge, there are play areas (paid). On one side is an indoor play area with a separate toddler section. On the other is a play park and a small funfair.

Take a boat ride down the canal and around Al Khan Lagoon or hire a waterkart. If you prefer to stay on land, hire a go-kart. These activities are usually available after 4pm in the summer months and all day in the winter.

Restaurants, cafes and kiosks line both sides of the canal, offering Lebanese, Italian, Mexican and other cuisines. Enjoy sitting out on their terraces or choose a table inside if it’s too warm.

Several festivals take place at Al Qasba throughout the yea, including the Food Festival, Al Qasba Street Festival, Spring Festival, Ramadan Nights and Eid and National Day celebrations. At the Winter Market Festival are a number of market of small stalls selling clothing, perfume, soaps, toys, etc. at Pop Up Avenue near Caribou coffee shop. 

Look out for film screenings, plays and other performances at the theatre, Masrah. Meanwhile, on the opposite side, visit exhibitions and workshops at The Maraya Art Centre or sign up for classes at the Furat Qaddouri Music Centre.

If you have young children, drop into Kalimat, Sharjah’s publishing house for children’s books in Arabic.

Facilities on this side include a mother and baby room.

Al Qasba Mosque stands resplendent with its beautiful Arabic architecture and offers visitors a convenient place to pray. On Fridays, the khutbah, or sermon, is in English. Arrive early that day as the mosque can get crowded, but it’s quieter at other times.

The famous Eye of the Emirates Ferris wheel opened at Al Qasba in 2005 but moved to Al Montaza Water Park in 2018. Despite this, it’s still quite common to see photos online of it at Al Qasba. Don’t be surprised to see it’s not there!

Sharjah prides itself on being a cultural capital and also family-focused. Al Qasba is one of many destinations where families can simply relax but enjoy cultural and educational activities at the same time. There’s something here for everyone.

Even if visitors have no money to spend or no wish to eat out or play, they can still enjoy the beauty of Al Qasba in the daytime or its vibrant atmosphere at night. 

(Note: Al Qasba was previously known as Qanat Al Qasba or Al Qasba Canal)

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