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Awhala Fort

Awhala Fort is on a hidden plain between the Hajar mountains in Southern Fujairah. Although the main part of the fort couldn’t be dated, the locals believe it has been there for around 250 years.

What’s more exciting though is that it was built on the site of a much older building dating back to the Iron Age. You will notice the thickness of the walls that led to this discovery.

Sherds have also been found dated further back to the Wadi Suq period suggesting the site itself has been inhabited for at least 3000 years.

Awhala Fort

The site was excavated by an archaeological team from the University of Sydney in 1996 and the fort was restored between 2003 and 2005. There are other areas nearby which have been fenced off for future digs.

After entering the majlis, you can climb the steps made of large stones to the roof and then cross a small bridge to the watchtower and climb a ladder to the top for a view all around.

Awhala Fort

Entrance: free (but you may want to tip the guard)

Opening hours: Saturday – Thursday 8am -6:30pm, Friday 2:20-6:30pm

Access: asphalt road, either off Sharjah-Kalba Rd or from Kalba

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As it is in a village, respectful clothing is advised.

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