Tayyibah Heritage Museum

Tayyibah Heritage Museum

Tayyibah Heritage Museum has to have one of the best locations of museums here, set at the edge of a village in the Hajar mountains overlooking farms and itself in lush green grounds.

Walking through the grounds, up and down winding paths, passing traditional houses and climbing narrow steps, you may feel like you’re not in the UAE at all.

Tayyibah Heritage Museum

Amongst the artefacts, you can find traditional items from Bedu and mountain lifestyles like water carriers, shields and weapons along with later additions such as old TVs and gramophones. There are even rocks with petroglyphs.

What’s even better is that you can stay there! The ‘resort’ area has two bedrooms, kitchen, pool and a majlis (seating area) with a stunning view of the mountains with the greenery in the foreground. I could quite easily just sit there gazing over the mountains all day long.

Other accommodation just down the road is Al Qalaa Lodge. Click here to see more.

What’s near Al Tayyibah Heritage Museum

Combine your trip to the museum with a walk on the nearby hiking trail and a visit to Bait Al Mutawwa. In the winter months, you can also visit UAE Flower Farm and at any time also the Cactus Farm at Asimah.

Masafi Town is not so far away and you can visit the local market, have a cheap but tatsy meal and visit the Governor’s Palace and Masafi Fort.

Al Tayyibah is also a good stop off point on the scenic route to or from Dibba.

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