Fujairah Fort

Fujairah Fort

Fujairah Fort

Fujairah Fort is one of the best known and most popular forts to visit in the northern emirates. Once you’ve explored all the lower rooms, you can climb up to the roof and enjoy a view over the town of Fujairah and out to the Indian Ocean.

Fujairah Fort at night

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But first, let’s take a look at its history. The stronghold is among the oldest in the UAE, however, who built it and when is unclear. The first and most widely-held theory is that the Portuguese built it in the 16th century during their occupation of the area.

A more recent theory, based on an Australian study, suggests that it was built a couple of centuries later, most likely by the local ruling family.

Strategically designed with high walls, watchtowers and loopholes, Fujairah Fort served as a defensive stronghold against potential threats.

Fort of Fujairah

Standing high on a rocky hill, the main fort of Fujairah played a vital role in protecting the town’s inhabitants from maritime invasions and safeguarding essential trade routes across the region.

Covering an area of 610 square meters, it has one square watchtower, three round watchtowers, an inner courtyard and multiple rooms within the wall. Only one of the watchtowers remained intact after the British Navy attacked in 1925.

Fujairah Fort through the gate
Fujairah Fort through the gate

Before that, this most famous of Fujairah landmarks was also occupied by Wahabbists between 1808 and 1810 before local tribes took it back.

Like other forts at the time, it was built using rocks, gravel, gypsum and mud before adding a layer of plaster. Wooden elements would have come from the mangrove forests and palm groves.

tower interior Fujairah fort

Within the walls were several rooms, including a madbasa for pressing dates and a prison in one of the towers, a common feature in forts in the region.

At the end of the 20th century, the Fujairah Administration of Antiquity and Heritage restored the castle, allowing it to stand proudly as an enduring symbol of the emirate’s cultural heritage, showcasing its resilience and strategic importance.

In the past, celebrations would have taken place in the courtyard. However, today, the forecourt provides a venue for different events, such as the Arabian Horse Beauty Championships.

A horse performing at the Arabian Horse Beauty Championship at Fujiarah Fort

Today, the Fujairah tourist destination welcomes visitors to enjoy its history, architecture, and panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. Take the stairs and ladder up to the roof for the best view.

view from Fujairah fort roof over Fujairah and mountains

After sunset, the fort is lit up and can be seen from all around. One of the best times to visit is late afternoon when you can enjoy your tour in the pleasant weather, followed by the sunset and night view.

Next to the fort is the heritage village, restored ruins of old houses. One now houses a small art centre.

Bait Al Fan Art Centre
Old house next to Fujairah Fort
Old house at the village next to Fujairah Castle

Close to the foot of the fort is the mosque. There is an indoor area and a small garden area. You can pray there but there is no separate area for ladies.

Mosque at Fujairah Fort,
Inside the mosque at Fujairah Fort

The old restored house of Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad bin Abdullah Al Sharqi is supposed to be open to the public but I haven’t yet been fortunate enough to find it open. Here you can see it from the outside.

sheikh mohammed bin Hamad bin Abdullah AlSharqi House Fujairah
House of Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad bin Abdullah Al Sharqi

Fujairah Fort Opening Times

8am -5pm daily

Fujairah Fort Ticket Prices

Free entry

building near Fujairah Fort gate
Building at the gate to Fujairah Fort

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Fujairah Fort FAQs

  • What are the Fujairah Fort timings? The daily opening times are 8am -5pm
  • Where is Fujairah Castle? It is in Al Sharyah inside the city of Fujairah
  • Are there other Fujairah tourist places nearby? Yes, the museum is a few minutes away, the Fujairah new Mosque is just a few minutes more and Fujairah Adventure Park too.

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