Souq Al Jubail Sharjah

souq al jubail sharjah

Souq Al Jubail Sharjah

Souq Al Jubail Sharjah deserves a visit from those who love to explore traditional markets, buy fresh food and experience authentic local culture. So let’s take a closer look at what it offers.

Souq Al Jubail fresh food market opened in 2015 and houses fruit and vegetable, date, meat and fish markets.

The building itself is another lovely example of traditional architecture while the market has excellent prices for fresh food. This, together with its lively and authentic atmosphere, make it an interesting experience to add to your sightseeing trip.

The market has three main sections where you can find everything from fresh fish and seafood, a wide variety of dates and fruit, spices and much more.

Sharjah Fish Market

One of the most popular sections in Souq Al Jubail is the fish market, selling fresh seafood such as fish, crabs, prawns, lobsters, and more. The seafood is caught from the Arabian Gulf and sells at competitive prices.

As well as buying fresh fish at Sharjah Fish Market to take home to prepare for lunch or dinner, they can cook it for you for an extra charge.

Instead of taking it home, you could also enjoy eating it on the waterside overlooking the beautiful government buildings and the yachts moored at Al Khan across the water.

Sharjah Fish Market prices are fixed and updated daily. You can check these on the digital price board. Payment is made to cashiers rather than vendors in this section, so you don’t need to haggle.

After the mid-afternoon prayer (Al Asr) can be a good time to stop by and catch the daily fish auction taking place.

Sharjah Meat Market

At Sharjah Meat Market, you can buy all types of halal meat and have it prepared for you ready to cook. Marinated meat chunks, kebabs, etc. are also available ready to put on the barbecue.

sharjah meat market sharjah souq al jubail

Sharjah Fruit and Vegetable Market

Next is the Sharjah fruit and vegetable market, where you can find a range of fresh produce at reasonable prices. Much of the produce available at Sharjah vegetable market comes from UAE farms and from around the world.

sharjah fruit and vegetable market colourful fruit stall

Sharjah Date Market

At Sharjah date market you can buy a wide variety of dates and you can also try them before buying. You’ll probably enjoy a chat with the vendor too while choosing. This all makes for an authentic experience.

sharjah date market souq al jubail

Souq Al Jubail Sharjah Timings

Sat-Thurs: 6am – 10pm
Friday: Closed for prayer between 11:3oam and 2pm

Jubail 1441 Restaurant and Cafe

Jubail 1441 is a lovely, new restaurant in Sharjah. It sits upstairs with great views over the water and nice comfortable seating areas to enjoy a coffee and a good book.

If you don’t have a book with you, you can borrow one of the many written by HH Sheikh Sultan Dr Al Qasimi from the bookshelves.

This is one of my favourite breakfast places in Sharjah. In the photo below, you can see that I ordered and Emirati dish, balaleet.

Souq Al Jubail Hypermarket

At the back of the fruit and vegetable market is a small hypermarket so you can get any other things you need to buy for dinner without having to go somewhere else. Some stalls in the vegetable and fruit section also sell dry food, sauces and so on.

Sharjah Fishing Licence

If you want to go fishing in Sharjah, this is where you apply for your Sharjah Fishing Permit.

The office is upstairs next to the restaurant. Sharjah Fishing Permits are only issued to UAE residents. Sharjah residents can apply for longer ones while those from other emirates can apply for short fishing licences for Sharjah.

You will need your Emirates ID, visa page copy and a photo. For family permits, you also need these documents for each person you want to add.

(The fine for fishing without a licence e in Sharjah is AED 500 and confiscation of equipment.)

Other branches of Souq Al Jubail 

Other souqs of the same name are popping up around the emirate of Sharjah. Some are open for business already, such as in Al Hamriyah. Others, such as in Kalba and Al Dhaid are still under construction to replace the older buildings.

Souq Al Jubail Sharjah Location

The Sharjah market is opposite Al Jubail Bus Station and near King Faisal Mosque, Central Souq and Sharjah Corniche. Take me to the location on Glimpses of UAE map.

Places to visit near Souq Al Jubail Sharjah

  • Central/Blue Souq
  • Buhairah Corniche
  • Flag Island
  • Al Montaza Water Park
  • Sharjah Corniche

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Souq Al Jubail Sharjah Timings

  • Saturday to Thursday: Open 6am – 10pm
  • Friday: Closed for prayer between 11:3oam and 2pm



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