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Old Souqs in Sharjah

Have you visited the old souqs in Sharjah? If you love searching for old treasures and you love retro, Souq al Arsa and Masqoof is for you. (currently closed for restoration Sep ’22)

You can find old telephones, gramophone players, typewriters, cameras, memorabilia, toys as well as some traditional items and shawls, etc. There is also an Omani sweet shop.



Old Souqs in Sharjah

Take a walk through the alley to Souq al Arsa for yet more interesting finds – old Omani jewellery, gemstones, daggers, warrior helmets. Here you can also find shawls, scarves, dresses, etc.

Have a cup of chai in the traditional tea shop before going off to explore the many museums in the Heart of Sharjah.


Just a little further down the corniche is the newly built Al Shanasiyah Souq. It is on the site of the original Al Shanasiyah Souq, the foundations of which were discovered in 2012 during a survey of the area for the development of the Heart of Sharjah.

This Souq was the original centre of Sharjah business and was a main trading centre in the region at the time.

Stop by the Archeological Findings section to read more and to see the original foundations and coins, pottery pieces, etc that were discovered from different times.

Inside you can find a variety of shops including clothing, more retro and an organic spice shop.

Once you’ve finished wandering round, you can relax and enjoy some refreshments overlooking the gardens and the traditional dhows on the water. There is a children’s play area next to the cafes. (You need to buy a ticket for this inside the souq.)

Have fun!

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