Beeah Headquarters by Zaha Hadid (and all about Beeah)

Beeah Headquarters by Zaha Hadid Sharjah

If you’ve driven through the Sharjah desert, you may have spotted a low, sleek, futuristic-looking building and wondered what it was. The Beeah Headquarters are an excellent example of sustainable architecture and innovative design.

beeah headquarters shj

As this building was on my old commute, I watched it develop over five years until it finally opened in March 2022. And so, I was delighted when I got a chance to see inside and enjoy a tour of the building.

Designed by the late Dame Zaha Hadid, the external shape is inspired by the intersecting dunes surrounding it. However, that is not its only defining feature. As the Bee’ah Group is a pioneer and leader in waste management, environmental management and sustainability in the region, it was only natural that their headquarters would embody those values.

beeah head office by zaha hadid sharjah

The Beeah Headquarters building was designed to be environmentally efficient, or more precisely, to achieve net zero emissions. The solar panels behind the building charge Tesla battery packs, which feed into the power supply. Many aspects of the design, including the inner courtyard and materials used, play a role in saving energy required to cool the building in the extreme summer temperatures of the desert.

Beeah Headquarters Photos

The fully AI-integrated building has sensors all around the interior, monitoring the indoor temperature and keeping it comfortable but energy-efficient. Having been in many freezing buildings here, I must say the temperature was perfect. In addition, grey water is recycled in the on-site water treatment facility.

sharjah bee'ah headquarters photos inside

With sustainability being an essential element, most construction materials, including recycled building materials, were locally sourced in the UAE. For example, the marble floor tiles and the (GFRC) glass-fibre reinforced concrete used in the external cladding were made in Ras Al Khaimah.

Beeah Headquarters photos at night

beeah headquarters at night

Beeah Headquarters Interior

The curvilinear design continues in the crisp, white interior. Just the right amount of daylight filters through, requiring minimum artificial lighting. However, the integrated smart design knows when to kick in when the natural lighting level decreases.

beeah headquarters interior photos stairway

The inner courtyard not only provides a place for employees to relax but also contributes to the temperature optimisation of the building.

Beeah Headquarters employs Smart Building Solutions, including AI-powered personal concierge services, contactless pathways and smart meeting rooms with state-of-the-art collaboration tools. This includes a smart auditorium that seats 200 and allows those working remotely to join also.

beeah headquarters interior smart auditorium

Sadly, Zaha Hadid did not get a chance to witness the architectural wonder as she passed away in 2016. However, her legacy continues in her creations worldwide. Projects in the UAE include The Signature Towers and The Opus in Dubai, and Sheikh Zayed Bridge in Abu Dhabi.

Beeah Headquarters Visitor Centre

Beeah Headquarters Visitor Centre hosts exhibitions and events. You can find out about upcoming events on the Bee’ah HQ events page or on their social media accounts. You need to book in advance and can do that on the same page.

Below are some photos from an event I attended entitled Echoes of Alchemy.

Who are Beeah and what do they do?

The Beeah Group is an environmental management company based in Sharjah. Initially founded in 2007 to handle environmental and waste management across the Emirate of Sharjah, the semi-government organisation expanded quickly and diversified its projects.

Following this growth, it was transformed into an international holding group. With sustainability and digitalisation as its pillars, it has eight verticals – tandeef (cleaning and waste management), recycling, environment services, energy, transport (green mobility), digital, education and health care.

To illustrate some examples, recycling bins and centres are located across the emirate; electric vehicles operate in the waste management facility and other locations; education programmes with schools and universities are organised; the new Jawaher Boston Medical District is under development near Maleha Rd; and a smart city will eventually be built around the headquarters.

Some simple examples of how these are also combined are smart solar-powered waste bins, which compact waste and provide free wi-fi hot spots to the local community. Eco-friendly vehicles then come along to empty the waste. Some bins are smart-tagged to reduce unnecessary trips by the crew.
Beeah does not only operate in Sharjah but also provides services to clients across the UAE and the region.

sharjah recycling bin free wifi

Recycling in Sharjah

Household waste recycling in Sharjah

Residents across Sharjah have general waste and recycling bins outside or near their homes. In addition, several recycling centres are around the emirate with slots for plastic, paper, books, glass, batteries, e-waste, aerosol cans, coffee capsules, bulbs and small appliances. The Sharjah National Park recycling centre has a machine to take used cooking oil, but you will need a special container first.

Other waste recycling in Sharjah

Other types of recycled waste include construction waste, biomass, metal, marine waste, hazardous waste, tyres and just about everything you can think of. New products can often be created. Walking tracks and play area ‘flooring’ around the emirate are made from recycled tyres. Curb stones are made from construction waste. Materials such as wood are transformed into clean energy sources for use in the industrial sector and metal can be sold back to steel works.

walking track sharjah recycled tyres

Sharjah’s zero waste goal and waste-to-energy plant

Sharjah is getting closer to realising its goal of zero waste and is already diverting over 90% of waste from landfills. This is the highest percentage in the region and ahead of many countries. The Waste to Energy plant, a joint venture with Masdar based in Abu Dhabi, plays a significant role in achieving this. Non-recyclable waste is incinerated at the plant, and the energy generated feeds into the Sharjah grid.

The future of Sharjah landfill

Sharjah landfill, opposite Beeah HQ, will be capped before long and a solar energy facility will be built on top of it. The area around the landfill has already been planted with greenery that doesn’t require watering and helps stabilise the sandy ground.

The Beeah Headquarters in Sharjah are more than just an office building. It symbolises innovation, sustainability, and a forward-thinking approach to environmental management, and it is the hub of an organisation that continues to pioneer the field of environmental sustainability. I’m certainly excited to see what other projects they come up with in the future creating a better environment for us and the coming generations.

beeah headquarters sharjah

Watch this video on the Beeah Group website to see a complete aerial view of the Beeah Head Office Sharjah.

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FAQs about Beeah Headquarters Sharjah by Zaha Hadid Architects

  • Is Beeah a private company? It is a private-public project and is 50% government-owned
  • What is the meaning of Beeah? Beeah means environment in Arabic.
  • Where are the Beeah headquarters located? The Beeah head office Sharjah is on Al Dhaid/Airport Rd between interchange 9 and interchange 10.
  • Can anyone turn up at the Beeah headquarters to visit? No, you need to have a prior appointment to visit to get through security but you can book to visit events at the Visitor Centre. See more above.