Look Down by Jago

Look Down by Jago is a marble sculpture of a child in foetal position by Italian artist. It was originally placed in Naples, Italy just over a year ago and had a chain attached.  It was said to be related to the feelings many had during lock down in 2020.

Look Down By Jago

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(Dec 2023 – The scuplute is no longer there.)

It recently arrived in the small area of Fujairah desert, without the chains. It’s now also missing toes on one foot and part of an ear.

If you’d like to visit it, you can check my Wikiloc for directions. You can reach the site with a 4WD or a few minutes walk from the road through deep sand with a sedan.

What else can you do in the area?  – The surrounding area is nice for a picnic or camping. You can also drive through Al Ghayl, another area where desert meets rock.

From Al Ghayl, you can go through Wadi Asima to the Flower Farm and Cactus Farm or to Tayyibah for a hike or to visit the Tayyibah Heritage Museum or go towards Wadi Aim or Wadi Kub. Check my post on Ghayl, Adhen, Wadi Aim and Wadi Kub for more info.

Check the links below for these:

Tayyibah Heritage Museum

Al Ghayl, Adhen,, Kub and Wadi Aim

Wikiloc link for Look Down by Jago – read description!

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