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25 Places Senior Citizens get Free Entry in UAE!

25 Places Senior Citizens get Free Entry in UAE

Senior citizens are defined in the UAE as those 60 years old or above and there are a few places where they are given free entry. Usually a companion is also allowed to go free.

As well as seniors, People of Determination also get free entry at these places, sometimes with a carer. It’s always best to check before going.

The fee waiver is generally for UAE residents only. Some places will ask to see Emirates ID and others won’t. People of Determination should have their PoD card. (People of Determination is the term used in the UAE for people who may be known  in other countries as disabled.)

So here are 25 Places Senior Citizens get Free Entry in UAE…



Abu Dhabi

  • Louvre Abu Dhabi*


* At the time of writing, places marked with * require al Hosn Green Pass or negative PCR.

AS well as these 25 places senior citizens get free entry in UAE, Noor Island also offers a discounted ticket to senior citizens at 15dhs.

If you know of more places, please let me know so I can add them. You can email me at


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