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Tag: islamic architecture

Qasr al Watan

Qasr al Watan – Palace of the Nation

Qasr Al Watan is rather deceiving from the outside as although its traditional architectural style and gentle colours are beautiful in their simplicity, entering the Presidential Palace is a rather like opening a pretty box and finding the most exquisite diamond inside. The craftsmanship of
Arabic Architecture in Sharjah

Arabic Architecture in Sharjah

The beautiful and exquisite Arabic architecture in Sharjah is not something to be missed. All government buildings across the emirate are designed using principles of Arabic and Islamic architecture. As you may know, this means not only lots of arches, domes and geometric designs, but

Museum of Islamic Civilization building, Sharjah

Museum of Islamic Civilization

Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization opened in 2008 in what was formerly Souq Al Majarra.The building itself is worthy of a visit alone for its beautiful Islamic architecture and minute details. Be sure to visit the top floor to see the night sky, constellations and

Fujairah Grand Mosque

Fujairah Grand Mosque

Fujairah Grand Mosque with its breathtaking architecture is the second largest in the UAE and offers free guided tours where you can explore the exquisite interior too. It was designed by Malaysian architects in the Ottoman style and so may remind you of famous mosques