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Tag: Sharjah Museums

Sharjah Natural history museum

Sharjah Natural History Museum and Islamic Botanic Gardens

Sharjah Natural History and Botanical Museum and the Islamic Botanic Gardens are so often forgotten and yet well worth a visit! Located in Sharjah Desert Park along with the Arabian Wildlife Centre and Children’s Farm, the museum is a great learning experience and has several

Sharjah Science Museum building

Sharjah Science Museum

Sharjah Science Museum is yet another fun and educational place with many interactive learning stations where children can learn about different aspects of science such as electricity, how the body works, etc. Sharjah Science Museum Discover how organs such as the heart work, learn about

Red Classic car at Classic car museum

Classic Car Museum Sharjah

Sharjah Classic Car Museum is definitely one for you if you love old cars or have children who are learning about transport at school, this is one to add to your list with cars of all sorts from the last century. See and read more

Al Mahatta Museum old aircraft

Mahatta Museum

Al Mahatta Museum is great for students learning about transport or the science of flight and is also an excellent resource for learning the recent history of Sharjah. The Mahatta museum building is in fact the original terminal and fortified building and was the first

Traditional Crafts Museum

Traditional Crafts Museum, Khor Fakkan

Take a stroll back through time in this small well set out museum and see how trades and every day tasks were carried out in the past and how the local people lived. The museum is located within Khor Fakkan Old Souq. Entrance is free.

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